Are kiosks the next step for restaurant-based digital signage?

There's a lot of buzz surrounding the rise of self-order kiosks in dining establishments, especially quick-serve restaurants. As digital menu boards approach the point of saturation in many restaurants, kiosks represent the next big opportunity for restaurant-based digital signage.

How to lead when you inherit your team

Bobby Shaw shares fives things all leaders can do to make the most of a new leadership opportunity with a new team.

Infographic: What's the 'real' cost of product recalls?

An infographic reveals the true cost of a product recall in the food industry, looking at how a product can become contaminated, and what companies can do to avoid it from happening.

Infographic: Great ways restaurants can lighten the load on that online carbon footprint

From eco-friendly web hosting and printer-friendly content to streamlined fulfillment processes and "green" shipping, there are a variety of ways restaurant brands can operate with a clean conscience.

B.good's co-founder: 'How to be a farm-to-table concept while growing nationwide'

Tony Rosenfeld, co-founder of the b.good, describes how the brand's commitment to local sourcing hasn't stopped its growth.

The gray-collar war: 5 ways for restaurants to remain competitive

By Gretchen Van Vlymen, head of HR, StratEx Workers in the restaurant industry are unique in that they don't fall into the standard characterizations of blue collar vs. white collar.

Finding the sweet spot: What pricing strategy to use for distribution channels

With the ever-increasing popularity of eating outside the restaurant via delivery or takeout tied to technology that makes adjusting menu prices simple, operators have realized there are opportunities for boosting profitability by varying their pricing among distribution channels.

Restaurant industry's Q1 end in 'some wins, some losses'

Chipotle and Panera saw increases, while sales dropped at Pie Five, Pollo Tropical, Qdoba and Shake Shack.

From sous to supervisor: 5 ways to grow your restaurant from the inside out

Fostering an environment of advancement and opportunity in your restaurant can draw in top talent from other similar businesses in the area and provide numerous competitive advantages.

How efficient is your methodology for menu innovation?

Menu innovation, a very important part of any concept, can be a silent killer if not done right.

4 ways to use POS data to cut costs

When integrated with a back-office system, POS data reveals inventory needs, how much they should purchase and how many employees are needed on hand to turn it into finished food and top-line revenue.

Can being 'too accurate' hurt your business?

If you believe in the Pareto Principle (80/20 rule), you may think that trading off a little accuracy to dramatically reduce costs and effort is a worthwhile exchange.

Is your brand addicted to growth?

Growth in the restaurant industry is always top of mind for franchisees, franchisors and company-owned restaurants, and there is nothing wrong with that. Growth is fantastic for a concept.

Why we can stop freaking out over the 'decline' of fast casual growth

If I were to only read the headlines published over the past few months about the fast casual industry, I would probably start looking for another job. A quick Google search brings up the following, "Why fast-casual chains are struggling"...

5 ways to get your customers to download your app

Just having an app is not enough to get people to download and use it. You will actively have to work at increasing downloads and keeping your app top of mind.

Infographic: How online reviews can make or break your brand

Research quantifies the impact online customer reviews have on business performance. The reviews play a bigger role in the selection of restaurants than hotels, doctor's offices, hospitals or hair salons.

Using tech to protect your brand from violating child labor laws

When it comes to managing minors, the risk of being out of compliance with labor laws are more substantial than other industries.

Infographic: 10 tips to keep your kitchen up to code

Follow these 10 steps to keep your kitchen safe.

3 reasons why virtual reality is the future of training

What if employees were given the opportunity to immerse themselves in situations and practice responding to them? With virtual reality, this is what the future of restaurant training could look like.

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