Chuck E. Cheese 'schools' fast casuals on appealing to millennials

Chuck E Cheese feels like a safe place for my family, and that's saying a lot these days.

Be like Amazon to win the 'Great Restaurant Market Share War'

The only way for restaurants to grow is to optimize every single aspect of their businesses.

How to protect your brand from food-safety issues

Brands must use cloud, mobility and internet technologies to proactively protect their brands.

5 tips to minimize food waste

A study by Unilever revealed that 72 percent of US diners care about how food waste is handled, and almost half would be willing to spend more to dine at a waste-conscious restaurant.

Launching LTOs? Make sure to follow these 3 rules to ensure food safety

Adding new menu items is a great way to please customers but can lead to food-safety risks when not properly implemented.

3 ways to open a (drive-thru) window of opportunity for fast casuals

The market is maturing and becoming saturated, requiring fast casual restaurants to look for new ways to stay ahead of the competition. Is the drive-thru the answer?

3 tips for hiring, retaining millennial workers: Part 2

Millennials recently became the largest generation in the workforce with over 53 million workers, ushering society into an unprecedented future. Do you know how to recruit and retain them?

8 things to know before leasing commercial space

In leasing, restaurant tenants don't get what they deserve, they get what they negotiate.

6 practices you must share with your GMs

In today's highly competitive restaurant space it's more important than ever before to help your team leverage your information to yours and their advantage.

4 ways to solve staffing shortages

One expert shares tips on how to recruit and retain good employees.

Combat declining traffic by understanding the ailment before determining the remedy

Once you gain an understanding of what causes traffic issues at a specific location, you will be better prepared to create solutions that address the true, underlying problem.

How 'Netflix and Chill' popularized digital ordering

Paying attention to cultural shifts can help you get ahead of them and continue to deliver excellent customer service online and in-person.

Illinois mandating food-allergen training, who's next?

States are starting to mandate allergen training, but forward-thinking brands are doing it on their own.

Why the fast casual bubble isn't really bursting

Without a doubt, there are way too many fast casual concepts, but those that make the right changes in order to drive unit economics will continue to thrive.

Analyst uncovers 3 keys to global growth

To become more relevant, global operators are decentralizing control and relying on local franchisees to present the best version of their brands to the consumers they hope to reach.

5 things you can learn from your restaurant's dumpster

Waste data provides cost savings and operations efficiencies.

Lawsuit against Chef Jamie Oliver may change how brands label 'gluten-free' recipes

The Gluten Intolerance Group filed a lawsuit against British Chef Jamie Oliver, alleging that he misled consumers that the gluten-free recipes on his website are in fact "certified" as gluten-free. The suit goes further to claim that Oliver is infringing on its trademarked seal.

3 ways to keep your employees engaged enough to stay

While you can't stop people from leaving, you can make the most of your staff's time at your restaurant by including them in day-to-day processes.

Kill your homepage: Why your website isn't driving sales, traffic

Does your website give customers the info and user experience needed to inspire them to spend money on your brand, or is it just pretty?

5 lessons restaurants can learn from Uber, Amazon

Restaurants need to cement their brand with consumers now — and that means utilizing rich, mobile technology that can bring experiences similar to those of Amazon and Uber.

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