6 Potential Technology Gaps in Your Restaurants

Limited service restaurants are typically ahead of the curve when it comes to technology; early adoption means increased customer experience and improved operational efficiency. But there are some potentially big technology gaps that still exist within restaurants. Download our article to learn six potential gaps in your restaurants.

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Carolina Firehouse: A Success Story

Paul Baity is a food truck owner who is on the go! He shares his story about how he was able to speed up service and move his lines faster by adopting TouchBistro’s iPad POS.

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Smart Decision Guide to POS

Everything you need to know about next-generation restaurant point of sale systems and how to select the right one for your business.

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Wasabi to employees: We like you, we really like you

Some of the world's leading brands make their employees their first and most important customer. The UK-based foodservice brand,Wasabi, is making it a priority for their chain's employees too.

Are you hiring bad bosses?

In a recent MomentSnap survey of 2,000, 70 percent of people who identified as frontline hourly workers said that they were at least partially dissatisfied with work due to some type of management issue.

5 labor alerts every restaurant manager should receive

The data your restaurants produce will always be able to show you what is going on if you use it properly.

3 steps to better restaurant food safety

The focus on food safety throughout the nation's food supply chain is at all-time high. Between consumer health issues brought about by the ingestion of unsafe products, and the outbreak of diseases that impact the food supply, it's imperative that operators continue to focus on protecting the lives and health of their guests.

3 ways to navigate employee-scheduling reform

If you’re asking yourself how your industry, company and operators can get ahead of scheduling reforms, consider the following steps.

Do fast casual franchisors need to rethink employee training under the NLRB cloud?

Using a networked, digitally driven, consumer model for employee training can turn employees into eager directors of their own professional development without the risk imposed by the NLRB joint-ownership rules.

3 types of rewards to increase employee satisfaction

By Autumn Manning, CEO of YouEarnedIt A recent Restaurant Opportunities Centers study revealed that the lack of benefits and flexible days off is a pervasive problem for those who work in restaurants. These people are often in school, balancing a...

Why franchising needs to have a little soul

Restaurant franchising is often an extension of the corporate company: everything has to be exactly the same, or the process won't work. However, some restaurants believe just the opposite: every unit should be free to choose how it runs its operations.

Why training is first step in enhancing customer experience

Technology is simply a tool to help a team member better serve and connect with a customer, which can only happen if the employee is well trained in every aspect of his or her job.

Saladworks executive chef puts innovation on the menu

Newly hired Saladworks Executive Chef shares insights into what makes the fast casual restaurant an ever-evolving concept.

Why women are a natural fit for the franchise opportunity

More women than ever are stepping into the franchise industry, and as a panel of female franchisees and franchisors explain, there are more than a few good reasons.

Why relationship building is critical for a successful franchise

Whether you're a franchisor or a franchisee there is one big common aspect tied to everyone's success: a supportive, collaborative, trusting relationship.

Structured interviews: Part of a recipe for hiring great people

By using structured interviews, you can gather four times the amount of accurate information compared to an inconsistent or conversational, unstructured interview.

Fast Casual Summit - Interview with Jim Mizes, Blaze Pizza

Many businesses in the Fast Casual industry are taking on mobile initiatives to enhance diners’ experiences. At the 2015 Fast Casual Summit Hughes sat down with Blaze Pizza’s president and COO Jim Mizes to discuss the restaurant’s mobile initiative and how the company is connecting with its customers.

Fast Casual Summit-Interview with Roland Dickey Jr., Dickey's Barbecue

At the 2015 Fast Casual Summit, Hughes had the opportunity to and speak with Roland Dickey of Dickey’s BBQ about the value data brings to his restaurant and how he works with franchisees on technology adoption.

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