Pinkberry/Paytronix promotion reveals open rates' 'dirty little secret'

Pinkberry/Paytronix promotion reveals open rates' 'dirty little secret'

Last Independence Day, Pinkberry generated a few of its own fireworks when it launched a wildly successful double points ice cream promotion using the brand's Patronix-powered Pinkcard Loyalty program. The campaign ultimately not only netted the brand a Paytronix Loyaltees Award, but also resulted in a nice sales lift and gave Pinkberry's all the evidence needed to push forward with further testing of that particular ice cream product, a news release said. 

The brand accomplished that double feat by using Paytronix Target and Control feature that calculated the real return on investment of the ice cream promotion, which proved to actually drive visits and spending at the chain. 

Interestingly, the data generated through the promotion also showed that email "open rates" are not necessarily a good indication of email marketing performance since, in this promotion, the less opened email prompted more customer visits and spending than the one that was opened more. The two companies make it a point to highlight that if they had used traditional A/B testing to calculate campaign effects and direct marketing strategy, they would have ended up sending the email with the higher open rate to their target audience, resulting in a lower number of visits and money spent by customers.

"Before we couldn’t look at the engagement, but with Paytronix we can see through to performance," Pinkberry parent brand, Kahala Brands' Digital and Interactive Development Director Jessica Wegener said in a news release. "Ecommerce people have been enjoying this for a while, now we have this visibility for our brick-and-mortar business too."

And finally, as Patronix Marketing Director Michelle Tempesta put it, this system helped Pinkberry discover the true value of something as seemingly small, but mighty, as a headline. 

"The results of the PinkBee’s Double Points promotion demonstrate the power of Paytronix analytics," she said in the news release. "By using the new Paytronix Target and Control feature, the Pinkberry marketing team was able to measure the effectiveness of two different email headlines, then dive even deeper to determine which headline actually motivated loyalty members to visit its stores."

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