Mediterranean cuisine growing in popularity, study says

May 20, 2015

Food Genius, a foodservice data provider, published a new monthly industry analytics presentation focused on Mediterranean cuisine. The cuisine has grown in popularity the last several years due to the success of operators like Zoe's Kitchen and the rise of the Greek yogurt category, the company said in an announcement.

For those in the restaurant industry who are thinking about how to incorporate Mediterranean ingredients and flavors into their offerings, the Mediterranean Menu Trends and Insights data from Food Genius details analytics on what ingredients, dishes, proteins and dressings are most utilized within U.S. Mediterranean cuisine. Health experts, focusing on plant-based foods, recently promoted Mediterranean cuisine as a healthy and well-balanced diet that could curb memory loss as the brain ages.

The data present opportunities for non-Mediterranean operators to think about how they can incorporate Mediterranean-inspired flavors or ingredients that consumers want, Food Genius said.

Key insights from Food Genius' Report: 

  • Hummus is only featured on 14 percent of all menus nationwide, but 75 oercent of Mediterranean menus
  • Lamb appears to be more established as a distinctly Mediterranean ingredient in its application, than in most other cuisines.
  • The average price of Mediterranean entrees across the US is $7.48

Mediterranean Menu Trends and Insights highlights data sourced from Q2 2015 by Food Genius. 

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