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Chef Chatter: What's the secret behind Checkers & Rally's fries?

Ryan Joy, senior director of Research and Development at Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, reveals what makes the fries so popular.

Chef Chatter: What's the secret behind Checkers & Rally's fries?

By Ryan Joy, senior director of Research and Development at Checkers Drive-In Restaurants

Checkers & Rally's fans will be the first to tell you that our signature, crispy and perfectly seasoned french fries are their favorite menu item. Our fries have been at the top of national rankings of best fast-food french fries for years as the No. 1 Most Craveable Fries. They're so popular, you can even find them in the freezer aisle at your local grocery store. But what makes our fries so craveable? 

Unlike most french fries, which are simply cut from potatoes and tossed in a deep fryer, Checkers & Rally's fries are coated in a seasoned fry batter — the very same batter used on our mozzarella sticks and fried pickles. The batter is created from a mixture of flours, starches and 15 different herbs and spices (a blend we also use in our Chicken Sandwich Squawk Sauce). The method of coating and frying the potatoes in this batter makes them all the more flavorful and keeps them tasting fresh and crunchy, even after a long drive. 

All of Checkers & Rally's fries are prepared the same way: cut, battered, fried and seasoned. The freezing of the fries keeps them consistent and delicious at every restaurant, ready to be served to hot, crispy perfection after a quick dip in the fryer. 

Consumers love our fries because no matter where you get them, the unique preparation process means they are guaranteed to come out crunchy, satisfying and perfectly seasoned every time. In areas where there aren't Checkers & Rally's stores, customers who still crave them can stock up on fries to be prepared at home — an option that's so popular that it accounts for a large amount in sales annually.

The innovation of Checkers & Rally's fries doesn't stop at just the preparation. For at least the past 10 years, Checkers & Rally's has been an industry leader when it comes to QSRs with its
"loaded fries." The signature Fully Loaded Fries come with gooey cheese, creamy ranch and smoky bacon, while the Cheese Chili Cheese fries are topped with zesty chili and "so much cheese we had to say it twice."

This is all to say that Checkers & Rally's takes its wildly popular fries very seriously. Many of our recent consumer initiatives have focused on promoting our fries, including giveaways, training and uniforms that highlight the fries as a menu item. All Checkers & Rally's staff are also trained to prepare fries perfectly every time; delivered at the right temperature and perfectly seasoned. 

The unmistakable flavor of our bold and savory fries has made the brand stand out in the industry for decades, and this fan-favorite will continue to lead among QSRs for years to come. 

Chef Chatter

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