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| by Cherryh Cansler

Super Chix, which touts itself as a classed-up chicken joint and anti-chainy chain, has a super new look thanks to a redesign by Studio 11 Design.

"The goal was to elevate the design to match other super-premium aspects of the brand," said Nick Ouimet, founder and CEO of Super Chix. The company opened the first location in April 2014 in Arlington, Texas.

"We operated the brand for one year and went through a serious learning curve. It's during that time that we really began to understand the soul of Super Chix and its place in the market. We refined the food and operations to a point where we were happy and eagerly awaited the chance to do the same to our restaurant design."

Before opening his second restaurant in North Dallas in the summer of 2015, Ouimet hired Studio 11 Design to create a space that could cater to a kid friendly, yet upscale demographic.

"From custom chalk art areas and a 'chicken coop' play fort to the hand-forged steel drink rail, the restaurant exudes modern decor with bright yellow, edgy accents," Kellie Sirna, principal at Studio 11 Design, noted about the new look that also features a large, hand-drawn mural featuring illustrated words that relate the Super Chix brand story.

"We worked closely with Nick to elevate the brand through color, custom art and furniture while careful not to lose that playful feel," she said. The carefully placed 'pops' of yellow have not only become a part of the brand, but with the lighting and warm grays, they make the overall feel bright and memorable. 

Ouimet hopes the design helps re-inforce the brand's positioning as the "classed-up chicken joint."

"Customers can trust the same level of effort and care that went into our design goes into all aspects of what we do," he said. "We strive for the Super Chix guest experience to be holistic. For example, we don't hand paint our walls and then serve bland frozen waffle fries. We hand-cut our fries using potatoes with a specific sugar content, then cook the and season them to order. \Our stores are the physical manifestation of who we are and our design needs to scream that."

Although Ouimet wouldn't give details on costs, he said the remodel was worth the investment.

"We are at the point in our evolution where we are still defining who we are," he said. "This takes time. Today's winning restaurant brands must constantly tinker. It's our belief that each restaurant should get better and better as we learn and adapt. Design is no exception. We believe the days of stamping-out restaurants is over."

Studio 11 Design is working with Super Chix on several other locations, which will start rolling out next year both nationally and internationally, as well as creating a design standards manual for the brand.




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