Webinar: Point of Sale tricks to detect theft

Webinar: Point of Sale tricks to detect theft

Your POS is more than its humble “point of sale" name would suggest. It's a virtual detective with all kinds of information that can help restaurant leaders identify, track and ultimately rid their operations of employee theft and fraud.

If you listened in to the Nov. 16 webinar on that very subject, you'd know all about that by now. The good news, however, is that even if you weren't around for the live webinar, you can still listen to its volumes of tips and tricks on this very serious subject. Just click here.

In this webinar, you'll not only find out the extraordinary toll employee theft typically takes on a U.S. restaurant, but you'll also learn how to identify it in the early stages as revealed in the wealth of information your point-of-sale system collects. All of this information comes to you via pizza and delivery point-of-sale provider, Speedline Systems, where Training Specialist Arick Allen has gained a wealth of knowledge through his work with the company's clients. 

Over the course of this session, Speedline Marketing Manager Jennifer Wiebe guides the discussion and provides insight into the following subjects: 

  • Recognizing how and why employees steal.
  • Setting up POS-based "locks and cameras." 
  • Data and other signs that serve as red flags. 
  • Prevention tools inside the POS. 
  • Investigation tools inside the POS. 

To watch the recording of this webinar and learn more about what brands can do to halt this profit-sapper, please click here.

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