Pita Pit Canada rolls out 'disruptive packaging technology'

Dec. 27, 2016

In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, Pita Pit Canada has traded the traditional waxed paper used to wrap its sandwiches for thinbarrier eco, a packaging wrap made from renewable resources. It outperforms the existing wax-coated alternatives in both sustainability and functionality, according to a company press release from the paper's creator, delfortgroup. The paper is free of fluorocarbon and PFOA and uses a grease-resistant, vegetable based coating that eliminates the need for wax. As a result, thinbarrier eco is repulpable, recyclable and compostable, according to the release.

The switch will decrease crude oil consumption in wrap production by 60 percent, saving nearly 12kg/26.46lbs of crude oil per 10,000 wraps. That means for every 113,000 thinbarrier eco wraps used, Pita Pit Canada will consume one less barrel of oil, according to a Life Cycle Assessment study conducted by Innventia Edgel.

"Disruptive technology is the best way to describe this new biopolymer substrate," Joe Kofler, president of delfortgroup, speciality papers, said in the release. "Not only is the paper whiter and brighter, but thinbarrier eco also performs better."

Topics: Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Systems / Technology

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