Creamistry puts 3 more Liquid-nitro ice cream shops in Houston

California-based liquid nitrogen ice cream brand, Creamistry, is bringing its frosty show to Houston's Town & Country Village, a news release said. The owners and operators Mohammed Albanaa and James Alaskare, who "fell in love" with the chain's products after moving to the area and trying some of the offerings. 

Albanaa, a former civil engineer, said he and Alaskare have already signed a contract for a second location in Houston City, expected open early next year. The pair plan to ultimately operate three stores over the next t years, the release said.  
Jay Yim founded the chain after trying liquid nitrogen ice cream on a 2003 trip to South Korea. He and his wife and father tried more than 100 flavors and combinations before launching the brand with the best of the best as a central part of the Creamistry menu. 

"As we continue to expand our presence nationally, it's crucial to find the right franchise partners who are deeply passionate about the brand and are excited to promote our hand-crafted premium product,” Yim said in the release. 

Creamistry customers see their ice cream made right before their eyes with lots of smoke from flash freezing when the minus-321 degree liquid nitrogen hits the base. That causes their choice of one of four bases to freeze so fast, ice crystals don't form, which results in a super-rich and super-creamy ice cream. 

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