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Au Bon Pain, HMSHost dish out advice for operating in airports

Airport-based restaurants serve a captive audience, which leads to increased sales and revenues for brands that can win over travelers.

Franchise Focus: The Flame Broiler founder discusses combining community with commerce

Before opening The Flame Broiler in 1995, Young Lee was a sickly insurance salesman in need of a healthier diet. The lessons he's learned since then have helped shape his franchise and his mindset.

Legacy Hall serving fast casual fare in upscale food court vibe

A group of fast casual concepts, including a brewery and a restaurant specializing in wine, are opening this fall in one building in Plano, Texas. Legacy Hall, the three-floor, 55,000 square-foot building in North Texas, is the creation of two restaurant veterans — Randy Dewitt and Jack Gibbons.

50 menu additions perfect for fall

While some restaurants are capitalizing on the pumpkin craze, others are challenging the status quo and releasing seemingly unrelated menu items this fall.

Franchise Focus: Why 1 fast casual didn't 'rush' into franchising

After 12 years, Rush Bowls' founder, Andrew Pudalov, is finally ready to franchise his concept.

Japan + Peru = saucy success at Suviche

Co-owner Aliosha Stern discusses how the brand has combined Japanese and Peruvian cuisine to create a thriving fast casual brand.

Franchise Focus: Togo's exec pulls back the curtain on loyalty strategy

Cultivating brand loyalty is a key component to running any successful restaurant, but implementing it is easier said than done. Despite the difficulties, one sandwich brand thinks it has the process figured out.

Franchise Focus: How Nature's Table franchises healthful eating

What makes your restaurant unique? Restaurateurs must have an answer to this question before, during and after they build their brand from the ground up. For Nature's Table, a 75-unit chain founded in Florida, being a powerhouse of healthful eating separated it from competitors.

The true effects of food photos: part 2

The prevalence of social media photo marketing campaigns in food service raises an interesting question: Do consumers really feel satisfaction and happiness from posting pictures on social media of their restaurant experiences?

The true effects of food photos: part 1

Back in the 1800s when photography was first invented, it would have been hard to imagine people using the technology to document lunch. As restaurants are quickly discovering, however, food photography is not something to be dismissed as a passing fad.

Smoke's Poutinerie bringing gravy-smothered fries to a state near you

The cold country up north that brought you Justin Bieber and maple syrup is growing its newest sensation in the U.S.: Smoke's Brands.

Why franchising needs to have a little soul

Restaurant franchising is often an extension of the corporate company: everything has to be exactly the same, or the process won't work. However, some restaurants believe just the opposite: every unit should be free to choose how it runs its operations.

Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls diving into franchising

In a world where innovation can be rare, Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls is on the cusp of a growing market where the sky — well, the sea — is the limit.

Franchise Focus: Family owned coffee business brewing franchise deals

The independent coffee shop is an iconic establishment that seems to be dying out in modern America, but one family owned coffee brand is determined to challenge the status quo.

Saladworks executive chef puts innovation on the menu

Newly hired Saladworks Executive Chef shares insights into what makes the fast casual restaurant an ever-evolving concept.

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