Self-order kiosks gain fans among restaurants, consumers

| by Chris Gilder
Self-order kiosks gain fans among restaurants, consumers

Quick service and fast casual restaurants are increasingly enjoying the benefits of self-order kiosks. While QSRs have provided customers fast and convenient service for almost a century, the fast casual segment is a new trend in restaurant dining. Fast casual restaurants, such as Panera Bread and Noodles & Company have gained popularity by blending the QSR and casual dining experience.

The quick service and fast casual restaurant formats may offer their customers different experiences, but both are starting to leverage self-order kiosks to improve customer experience. We've listed the top three reasons:

  1. Time — Self-service kiosks are known for saving time and cutting lines. For QSR and fast casual restaurants that promote their convenient service, self-order kiosks present a new opportunity to improve customer experience. Self-order kiosks allow businesses to direct traffic in restaurants by placing the ordering process in a strategic location. This saves time for customers and allows them to quickly place their order without waiting in long lines. The kiosks also allow employees to reallocate time previously spent taking orders. With a self-service solution taking orders, employees can focus on dining service, restaurant cleanliness and customer experience.
  2. Control — Self-order kiosks give consumers control of their dining experience. By leveraging self-order kiosks, restaurants enable their customers to choose when and how they order, pay for and receive their meal. This is especially true with the integration of applications that allow customers to order via smartphone.
  3. Automation — Consistency creates credibility. Self-order kiosks can automate the order and payment process, creating a reliable experience for customers. Self-order kiosks can also automate the up-selling process, capturing the highest percentage possible of up-sell opportunities. The automated process encourages customers to explore the menu and creates better ROI for the restaurant. 

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Chris Gilder

Chris Gilder, CEO and founder of Meridian Kiosks, brings more than 20 years of entrepreneurial successes to the senior management team. Meridian has been recognized as a leader in the self-service kiosk industry and an innovator with the development of the Self Service Technology Center in partnership with Intel, HP, Microsoft, Zebra Technologies and Storm.


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