Webinar: How Texas DQ used digital menus to ease growing pains

| by S.A. Whitehead
Webinar: How Texas DQ used digital menus to ease growing pains

If you ask around you probably won't get a lot of argument to the assertion that digital signage is pretty cool, offering all kinds of advantages for capturing customers' attention and appetites. But it's equally likely that if you're talking to the leadership of a rapidly growing chain, most of those restaurateurs are going to have strong concerns about scaling their digital signage as they grow.

Restaurateurs have always had some pretty legitimate concerns about this facet of the technology, but attendees of the webinar, "The incredible growing menu: Taking your digital system chainwide", presented by FastCasual and Wand Corp, found out that digital menus may be far better and less costly for scaling to chain growth than any of its predecessor menu forms.

In an hour long question-and-answer session that included experiences from Texas DQ, Wand Corporation Sales Engineer Gary Hoover and Texas DQ Senior Media Director Gilbert Torres walked the audience through the chain's experiences over the last few years as they grew their digital menu to scale.

One of the most interesting take-aways from the webinar was hearing how Texas DQ has learned to mine their system's key flexabilities in ways that allow local promotion for individual stores, as well as ways to connect with their customers. They can also do last-minute visual selling and product testing. In fact, through its digital system, Texas DQ is increasing interaction between franchisees, allowing them to share and profit from each other's successes. 

"Now we're doing a lot of video, but you want to start slow," Torres told the webinar audience. "But football is huge in Texas … and in certain locations where a game is really big, we'll build (a digital campaign) tied to that that event, and this is all done in-house, so it doesn't cost anything… But customization is one of the biggest things with this because our operators wanted to really get into that. 

"Now we can do in a fourth of the time things that would take with outside operators much longer. That's huge for us because it's manageable with a pretty small workforce. And we use it a lot on price changes, too… You can change a whole store's prices from beginning to end in under an hour. Plus they can do it all on their end and they love that, too."

If you'd like to hear the whole presentation, along with some great questions from our audience, just click here

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