Free webinar: Is your franchise marketing strategy hurting or harming your brand?

| by S.A. Whitehead
Free webinar: Is your franchise marketing strategy hurting or harming your brand?

From diners and franchisees to employees and entire communities, multi-unit restaurant brands serve a lot of masters. But every single "customer" in that list either is or has the potential to be a franchise partner to a restaurant brand as well. 

So, how is your brand coming across to all those groups? The answer may suggest one of the reasons your brand is either having success or struggles in finding ideal franchisees. That is why it is so critical that brands understand best practices when it comes to partnering, which is the topic of a free webinar at 11 a.m. (EDT) April 27.

The webinar, "Harnessing the power of a centralized franchise marketing strategy," will teach attendees how to best research and create their brand promise, how to fulfill that promise and communicate it in a way that resonates with potential and existing franchisees. The hour-long session features Megan Redzia, public relations VP at 3E Public Relations, and SGW Integrated Marketing Communications Digital Strategy Manager Alex Lindroth. 

Participants will learn from firsthand "in-the-field" experiences of other foodservice brands how to maintain a consistent image across a restaurant system and fulfill promised franchisee support for marketing and business goals through webinar take-aways like: 
•   Franchisee and customer attraction tips.
•   Brand "glocalization."  
•  Marketing tool synergy.  
•  Franchisee communication and campaign-tracking best practices. 

Register here for the webinar.


Topics: Business Strategy and Profitability, Customer Service / Experience, Food & Beverage, Franchising & Growth, Health & Nutrition, Marketing / Branding / Promotion

Companies: 3E Public Relations

S.A. Whitehead

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