Restaurant worker org joins suit against Trump

Restaurant worker org joins suit against Trump

Restaurant Opportunities Centers United has joined a lawsuit filed by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington against the Trump Administration in Washington, D.C. a news release said. 

The organizations allege that the administration has violated a stipulation in the U.S. Constitution called the foreign emoluments clause. Emoluments are defined as fees or profits made through one's employment or as a result of holding an office. 

ROC United, a food service workers' advocacy organization, alleges that in his role as president, Trump's actions and policies are unfairly benefiting his substantial businesses interests and putting his network of restaurants and hotels at an advantage over others. The suit was filed because the two organizations allege that these practices not only put other non-Trump-owned restaurateurs and the employees working at their establishment nationwide at a disadvantage but end up pushing foreign dignitaries and governments to patronize Trump establishments over others.

"As a national restaurateur with restaurants in hotels in New York, Florida and Las Vegas, and as a proud member of RAISE (Restaurants Advancing Industry Standards Everywhere), I am proud and supportive that ROC United, RAISE’s parent organization, has joined the lawsuit holding Mr. Trump accountable for emoluments violations," Crafted Hospitality founder and restaurateur Tom Colicchio said in the news release.

ROC leadership alleges that the president and his businesses actively benefit from his role in office, an action specifically prohibiting by the U.S. Constitution which bans anyone in his office from receiving payments from foreign governments. ROC also alleges that restaurant owners and workers are also harmed since they face the loss of income.

"The Trump Administration’s conflicts of interest do direct harm to ROC United and to the millions of Americans — workers, employers, and allied consumers — our organization represents," ROC United Co-founder and Co-director Saru Jayaraman said in a news release. "We need a president who puts the success and security of the American people ahead of his own financial interests and those of his fellow elites. What’s more, we need an administration that follows the Constitution. … ROC United’s restaurant worker members and RAISE member restaurants will definitely be harmed due to Trump’s emoluments violation."

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