Malaysian boy band to open Miami Grill at the mall

Jan. 11, 2017

Boy bands and the mall are staples in the typical teenager's life, a fact that Bunkface, Malaysia's popular boy band is counting on. The three members have signed a deal to open a 2,500-square-foot Miami Grill unit inside the SACC Mall in Shah Alam, Malaysia, which is set to open in early 2017.

Bunkface carries its own label of perfume, merchandise and garments but wanted to add something new to the mix, the group's singer, Sam, said in a company press release.

"We wanted to diversify our business. We are currently in the music industry, and we wanted to be among the first to grab the fantastic opportunity to be part of Miami Grill International," he said.

The band is not the first in the music industry to seek ownership in Miami Grill. In the U.S., Armando Christian "Pitbull" Perez is an equity partner in the Miami Grill.

"We welcome Bunkface to our growing international franchise family, and we look forward to supporting them as they enter a new industry," Miami Grill International Chairman and CEO, Stephen Austin Saldanha said in a news release. "Based on their success thus far, we predict a home run."

Bunkface and Associates will collaborate with Hanizah Othman, who owns the Miami Grill located at Sunway Pyramid Mall in Malaysia. Earlier this year, her location earned Halal certification, undergoing a stringent examination of every restaurant detail, including outlet design, people, process, system and food supply chain from farm to table, according to the release.

Othman said everything is scrutinized and tested thoroughly to ensure a quality product, high standard of hygiene, traceability to the source, and location approval.

Robert Haar, Miami Grill's Vice President of Franchise Development, has been working closely with Hanizah Othman over the last several years and he also anticipates great success for the new Malaysian location in 2017.

"Hanizah understands what appeals to this market, including the importance of the Halal certification, and she will provide exceptional advice and guidance to the new location owner," he said.

Bunkface's Sam is equally enthusiastic.

 "We've been heavy supporters of Miami Grill since the day it landed in our country in January 2015. We love the food and the lifestyle concept because it's not just about the fantastic food, it's about enjoying the whole ambience and truly feeling like we flew to Miami without using our international passports. This is the experience we want to share with others."

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