Freshii to Subway: Let's partner to succeed

Freshii to Subway: Let's partner to succeed

Freshii founder and CEO Matthew Corrin has written a second letter to Subway Restaurants, proposing that the two brands partner to work through Subway's recent conundrums with frustrated franchisees.

Corrin, who will keynote the Restaurant and Franchising Innovation Summit in Louisville April 9, published the "open letter" today in the Chicago Tribune, more or less forcing the issue. Corrin made a similar offer to Subway in March 2017, and also sent similar invitations to frozen yogurt shops in 2016, and McDonald's  in 2015.

Whether restaurant leadership nationally and internationally agrees with Corrin's tactics, the letters garner a lot of attention. See below for a reprint of Corrin's latest offer.

Dear Subway,
Can we talk? Major U.S. press outlets have reported that in 2017, over 900 Subway locations
closed, your store traffic decreased by 25% in the last 5 years and your franchise partners are
upset, recently signing a petition protesting the $4.99 footlong promotion.


"As a business owner you'll be in a constant race against an ever-improving marketplace." These
are the words of Fred DeLuca, the late, great Founder and CEO of Subway Restaurants and the
pioneer of healthier fast food in the '80s and '90s.


At Freshii, we share Fred's passion for the entrepreneurial spirit and the mission to serve fresh
food, globally. As Freshii's Founder & CEO, I am grateful to have met Fred and call him an


Fred's trailblazing spirit taught us a lot. Freshii is now the fastest-growing global restaurant brand;
we opened our first several hundred restaurants faster than McDonald's, Dominos and even
Subway. Our 18 consecutive quarters of strong same store sales growth are a testament to this
and have helped our franchise partners grow their sales and profits. We operate in over 15
countries today - and we are growing!


We have a sincere proposal to help Subway appeal to the next generation of fresh food lovers
and your franchise partners globally.


Rather than risking the closure of another 900 Subway stores in 2018, let's explore a partnership.
Let's work together to convert select Subway stores to Freshii restaurants. This will allow Freshii
and Subway to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome: supporting entrepreneurial franchise
partners and continuing to deliver on our missions.


Over time, we too plan to open thousands of restaurants around the world as we continue to
deliver on our mission of making healthy food convenient and affordable for all citizens of the
world. But we could get there faster together.


By allowing some of your franchise partners to convert now, we believe you'll be creating a better
business future for them. You'll also be improving the future of your remaining franchise partners
who will continue to operate their Subway restaurants in a less crowded marketplace. The health
of the overall Subway system will be improved.


Will this work? We've already helped dozens of franchise partners from many iconic restaurant
brands and global sandwich shops become successful Freshii partners--by either converting their
stores or bringing the Freshii brand into their portfolio. They're feeling re-energized as they
become part of a restaurant brand built for today's generation.


If you share Fred's dream, you'll be excited to share ours. If you share Fred's passion, we'll get
along like kale and quinoa. Fred liked to spend time in our Freshii restaurants, sampling our
menu and witnessing firsthand the creativity, passion and entrepreneurial spirit that makes us
special. I hope your leadership team and franchise partners around the world will do the same,


Visit to learn more about this opportunity.

I want your consent and I hope to hear from you soon. As Fred liked to say, "Opportunity waits
for no one!"


Matthew Corrin
Founder & CEO


As of press time, Subway had not responded to a request for response or further comment. 

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