Truly Regal: Our Tilapia Live Up To Our Name As The Finest In The World

As the #1 producer of all-natural tilapia, we are committed to raising our lake-grown fish from hatch to harvest in the healthiest, most environmentally supportive way possible.

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Quick Guide to Fry Oils: Cost, Heat Stability, Texture & Taste Comparison

While there are many characteristics to look for in frying oils, some of the most important are performance and cost, as well as taste and texture of your final product. Catania Oils have been put through industry approved tests to verify each oil’s fry stability.

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Olive VS Blended Oils: Application for Great Taste

When selecting an olive oil, you should base your decision on flavor and aroma, not on color and appearance. There are times when the flavor of 100% olive oil can overpower subtle flavors in foods. Blended oils offer the advantage of a less assertive olive flavor along with superior performance for high heat. Check out the comparison report.

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Restaurants offer not-so-spooky Halloween specials

Restaurants of all kinds are offering Halloween specials for young guests.

Why 'locally sourced,' 'organic' aren't just buzzwords

QSRs need to pay heed to the increasing movement of consumers toward all things healthy and natural, and they need to be authentic about it.

San Francisco Soup Company executive discusses the restaurant's use of BLE beacons

Clayton Chan, COO for San Francisco Soup Company, discusses the restaurant chain's use of BLE beacons.

MAD Greens: Less food miles equals better taste

Local sourcing is paying off for the salad concept, which is set to nearly double in size in 2015.

Giardino Gourmet Salads adds to Florida healthy eating options

Giardino Gourmet Salads launched in 2004 in southern Florida by Ody and Kenny Lugo. Today, there are seven locations throughout the region.

McAlister’s Deli founders find second-time success

Nine years after the sale of McAlister's Deli, the Newcomb family gains ground with Newk's Express Café.

Zagat rates Atlanta Bread Top 5 in healthy options

In the recently released 2010 Zagat Fast Food Survey, which included 136 national restaurant chains, Atlanta Bread received Top 5 distinctions in two key categories. The survey's more than 6,500 participants voted Atlanta Bread among the Top 5 large chains...

Tossed upgrades image, logo

The salad chain launches a new store prototype to unveil in Boston.

Fast Casual Summit kicks off with food tour

Industry executives gathered in Dallas on the eve of the annual conference for a tour of some top and up-and-coming fast casual restaurants.

How Lane Cardwell Jr. plans to re-marketize Boston Market

Boston Market's CEO looks to recapture the meals-to-go niche by capitalizing on Boston Market's core strengths: value and product quality.

Drive sales through employee-performance programs

Fast casual operators boost retention and brand loyalty by giving back to their employees.

El Pollo Loco, KFC carry on chicken fight

El Pollo Loco has challenged KFC to a taste test, but KFC's own failed giveaway may be all El Pollo Loco needs to win with consumers.

Seven top fast casual independent operations

From Kansas City to New York City, these independent operations are changing the fast casual landscape.

Newsletters, intranet keep franchisees up to speed

How a variety of communication tools can connect brands to their outposts.

Restaurants look to play a new song

As dining options increase, yesterday's music model is undergoing a revolution of sight and sound.

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