Jason's Deli Table Tracker Case Study

Table Tracker is a table location system that helps fast-casual restaurants identify where guests are sitting. Instead of number cards, guest are given wireless Trackers that send the guest’s location to a kitchen display, effectively eliminating the need for food runners to search for guests.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Long Range Systems

Pizza Ranch | Table Tacker Case Study

The Challenge - When guests order a custom pizza or non-buffet menu item at Pizza Ranch, it has to be delivered to their table in time for them to enjoy it with their buffet items. Pizza Ranch was using number cards at the tables to direct food runners to where to deliver these orders.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Long Range Systems

Alondra Hot Wings | On Cue for Restaurants

The Challenge- Alondra Hot Wings shared the same challenges as any busy restaurant: How to efficiently manage the flow of customers through a busy waiting area while seating guests in a timely fashion.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Long Range Systems

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Check out Panera To You

The store layout is dominated by ordering, order pick-up and wait-area seating.

McDonald’s automated cashier: Will it win with millennials?

Using self-service kiosks will provide the chain with customer data to enable more personal engagement and purchasing suggestions.

Tableside POS is a game changer

Higher sales, fewer servers, faster table turns, and happier, more loyal customers – Tableside Point-of-Sale offers all this and more. I foresee that it is going to profoundly change the customer experience for the better. Make POS mobile Typically, a server spends less than 20 percent of his time interacting with customers.

SmartMenu offers diners customized meals based on dietary needs

Restaurant operators are pleased with the efficiency, customer response and ROI.

NRA 2011: nClosure and the iPad as kiosk

nClosure spokesman Dan McCain and Poslavu's Travis Kellerman discuss the challenges and benefits of employing iPads as self-service devices.

NRA to showcase top industry trends

Building, kitchen design and more create exhibit hall of more than 2,100 booths.

Fast casuals opt for interaction

Self-service technology finds little support from fast-casual operators.

FS/Tec, NAFEM to hold co-located event

Foodservice technology and equipment come together Oct. 10-13 in Atlanta.

NRA Show Blows into Windy City

Hotel-Motel Show offers trends, insights and more.

Minimum wage, maximum impact

With the Senate passing its own version of a bill to increase minimum wage, where the issue will land is anybody's guess.

Fast-casual restaurant uses self-service kiosks to attract tourists

Bytes, an England fast casual, sets itself apart from the 200 restaurants in this tourist trap.    

Prime time for online ordering in fast casual

Tossed and Camille's are among those generating sales via Web-based ordering.

2006 restaurant show wraps up

The 2006 National Restaurant Hotel & Motel Show offered big-time speakers and trendsetting technologies. Even if you attended, you probably didn't see everything.   

Must-see events / products at the NRA Show

As you enter the show, aromas of mouthwatering food, sounds of equipment demonstrations and an expansive panorama of colorful exhibits envelop you.

Selecting a restaurant consultant

The right consultant can improve your restaurant, but the wrong one can cost you money.   

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