Analyst View: Managed SD-WAN – Delivering a Better Experience for Highly Distributed Organizations

Delivering a Better Experience for Highly Distributed Organizations

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Paging Power

The simplicity and reliability of paging systems is helping to drive their use far beyond the restaurant waiting line.

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5 Reasons Your Restaurant Isn’t Attracting Millennials

If you work in the limited service restaurant industry, you know how fierce the competition is, especially for millennials.

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CEOs of Wing Zone, Focus Brands, Captain D's, Backyard Burgers, Koti Pizza predict industry changes, trends

This year's Fast Casual Executive Summit wrapped up Tuesday night with insights from some of the industry's most successful CEOs.

In pictures: Global restaurant execs in London: Part 1

Executives from 17 countries gathered in London for the 2017 Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit — Europe last week. The event, produced by Networld Media Group, provided the opportunity for more than 100 restaurant leaders to share advice, success stories and discuss how they moved on from failure.

NRA 2017 in photos: Editors share top highlights

The editors of FastCasual, Pizza Marketplace, QSRWeb and Food Truck Operator share some highlights from the 2017 NRA show in Chicago.

'If in doubt, leave it out': The lessons in Cinnabon's Carrie Fisher tweet

Cinnabon's poorly received social media post about Carrie Fisher, upon her death this week, has restaurant leaders talking about how best to prevent such well-intended but still brand-burning missteps online.

Fast Casual Summit: 10 moves to maximize your manpower

A one-hour session on optimizing restaurant labor yielded many more hours worth of proven strategies to maximize the efforts of your workforce. This article focuses on the 10 ideas put forth in the session last month at the Fast Casual Executive Summit in Laguna Beach, California.

6 tips to get the most from your restaurant signage (Part 2)

Graphics and signage can make a significant difference to a restaurant’s connection with its customers. To that end then, we provide six tips on how to approach that topic to get the best results for your business.

Fast Casual Summit-Interview with Roland Dickey Jr., Dickey's Barbecue

At the 2015 Fast Casual Summit, Hughes had the opportunity to and speak with Roland Dickey of Dickey’s BBQ about the value data brings to his restaurant and how he works with franchisees on technology adoption.

Fast Casual Summit-Interview with Maureen Donahue Chick fil A

At the 2015 Fast Casual Summit, one of the hottest topics was the use of mobile technology. Among those connecting with their customers through mobile devices is Chick-fil-A. During the show Hughes spoke with Chick-fil-A’s Maureen Donahue, Manager – Franchisee Selection about their use of mobile technologies.

Fast Casual Summit- Interview with Carin Stutz, McAlister’s Deli

At the 2015 Fast Casual Summit, Hughes sat down with Carin Stutz of McAlister’s Deli to talk about technology adoption and getting franchisees on board.

2015 Fast Casual Summit - Interview with Christina Coy Pie Five Pizza

In Miami at the Fast Casual Summit 2015, Christina Coy of Pie Five Pizza sat down with Hughes to discuss how the restaurant connects with its customers through social media.

Fast Casual Summit - Interview with Jim Mizes, Blaze Pizza

Many businesses in the Fast Casual industry are taking on mobile initiatives to enhance diners’ experiences. At the 2015 Fast Casual Summit Hughes sat down with Blaze Pizza’s president and COO Jim Mizes to discuss the restaurant’s mobile initiative and how the company is connecting with its customers.

IFBTA’s Rob Grimes Highlights Hughes Solutions for Restaurants

IFBTA’s Rob Grimes Highlights Hughes Solutions for Restaurants

The hidden benefit of SMS text marketing messages

Erin Levzow, Director of Digital and E-commerce at Wingstop, points out a key benefit of SMS promotions that you may have overlooked.

Is social media part of your marketing mix?

We all know that our friends and families influence us if they give us a recommendation…or a ‘stay away!’ …for a vendor or business. And those recommendations have proliferated in the social media sphere through sites like facebook and Yelp....

Want to Facebook? What are you waiting for

Ninety five percent. That’s right, 95% of all consumers are on Facebook, according to our latest research findings across both North America and the UK. We asked more than 12,000 consumers from all age and income groups to tell us about their social media usage last month.

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