[WEBINAR] Show-n-Tell: Why Food Transparency Sells Now

[WEBINAR] Show-n-Tell: Why Food Transparency Sells NowPublication Type:

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June 13, 2017
Did you know, 86 percent of consumers are more concerned about additives in their foods than they were two years ago? As one of the National Restaurant Association’s top food trends for the past few years and a Top 10 Concept Trend for 2017, the clean menu trend is one that is here to stay.  So how are operators keeping up with the trend to refresh their menus? In this webinar, the Litehouse team discusses and explores the evolving food transparency trend and how you can clean up your menu.

In this webinar restaurant operators will learn: 
  • A clear outline and definition for what it means to have a “clean” menu
  • Which claims resonate and have the highest concerns with consumers
  • What are the next steps to evaluating your menu and beginning the clean transition
  • How to build and promote your clean message to consumers to drive sales

Meet the panelists

Eric Meisel
Corporate Chef
Litehouse Inc.

Eric is the culinary expert for Litehouse and is well-versed in menu trends and operations. He is a Culinary Institute of America graduate with more than 30 years of experience in a variety of restaurant concepts.

Krystle Turnbull
Assistant Foodservice Brand Manager
Litehouse Inc.

Krystle oversees the marketing strategy for the Litehouse Foodservice channel, focusing on providing strategic and on-trend solutions for operators and consumers.

Shelly Whitehead
Editor of PizzaMarketplace.com and QSRweb.com
Networld Media Group

Multimedia journalist, S.A. Whitehead, has 30-plus years of experience uncovering the treasures hidden inside the stories of the world's businesses and the people who've built them.

Litehouse Foods

Litehouse Inc. is an international food manufacturer of dressings, dips and sauces looking to provide products made with higher quality ingredients, fresher taste, and deliver ‘on trend’ innovative flavor profiles.

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