[WEBINAR] From pushcart to powerhouse: How loyalty helped fuel The Halal Guys’ growth

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July 13, 2017
Fast casual restaurant, The Halal Guys, grew from a single New York City pushcart to a powerhouse with more than 350 stores. How did they do it? Download this presentation where you’ll hear from Andrew Eck, the Director of Marketing at The Halal Guys, as he discusses how their loyalty program helped fuel the brand’s evolution. 
The Halal Guys have created a culture that embraces technology and innovation which has allowed them to increase brand awareness, learn more about their guests, and improve the overall customer experience.
In this webinar you will learn:
  • how loyalty programs can fuel your brand’s growth
  • how to establish principles that support brand growth through loyalty initiatives
  • how your brand can adapt Halal Guys' key loyalty findings to your specific needs

Meet the panelists

Andrew Eck
Director of Marketing
The Halal Guys

Andrew Eck began his marketing career in 2003 working on the agency side supporting a variety of clients in the entertainment industry. He has since climbed the ranks of marketing to his current position as Director of Marketing for The Halal Guys, a world famous street cart turned International Fast Casual chain.

Stephen Stone
Paytronix Systems Inc.

Stephen Stone not only works on the back-end of the loyalty equation; he also belongs to several programs in the restaurant space. His experience as a consumer, combined with the expertise he gained from managing more than 300 loyalty programs in the restaurant industry, allows him to share smart, actionable insights that help restaurants better leverage their programs to increase guest engagement. 

Shelly Whitehead
Editor of PizzaMarketplace.com and QSRweb.com
Networld Media Group

Multimedia journalist, S.A. Whitehead, has 30-plus years of experience uncovering the treasures hidden inside the stories of the world's businesses and the people who've built them.

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