[WEBINAR] Combating rising operating costs in a tight labor market

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The end of 2017 brought the unemployment rate to 4.1 percent -- a 17-year low according to the U.S. Department of Labor. While businesses can benefit from the greater demand, there is a downside as well. Due to rising wages, labor costs increased 1.1 percent per unit between 2017 and 2018.
Lower unemployment will impact businesses, which means operators need to be agile to meet growing demand while combating turnover. And as of right now, there isn’t a light at the end of the tunnel for operators. In fact, according to research firm Technomic, labor costs are expected to rise 50-100 percent over the next five to seven years.
Labor challenges operators will continue to face include:
  • Higher turnover rates and retention.
  • More difficulty filling open positions.
  • The need for better compensation and benefits to attract talent.
  • Meeting consumer demand and quality guest experiences.
  • Investment in training programs to compensate from possible skills gap.
Download this webinar now to hear from Steve Williams, principal sales engineer at HotSchedules, for an indepth discussion of how a labor management platform can help you stay competitive by optimizing your labor costs and helping you to become the employer of choice.

Meet the panelists

Steve Williams
Principal Sales Engineer

Steve Williams, principal sales engineer at HotSchedules, has over 12 years' experience selling and implementing labor management solutions to restaurants and other verticals across four continents. He works closely with new and current customers to help them achieve their business goals with cloud-based technology solutions. Steve has a bachelor’s in information technology from the University of Gloucestershire, spends his free time cheering for Arsenal FC and calls Austin, Texas home.

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