[WEBINAR] 7 Essential Strategies for Creating Recession-Proof Restaurant Systems

[WEBINAR] 7 Essential Strategies for Creating Recession-Proof Restaurant SystemsPublication Type:

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Ever get the feeling the market is waiting for the other shoe to drop? While we can’t predict when the next downturn may happen, successful operators don’t wait until a crisis hits. They look for new strategies to fine-tune systems and shore up reserves every day. 
Are you prepared to weather an economic downturn—and even grow through it? Do you have systems in place to control costs and protect your market share?
In this webinar, you will learn: 
  • How you can tune up your POS
  • How to employ new strategies to control cash, cut costs, and grow sales
  • How to trim costs, build cash reserves, and recession-proof your restaurant

Meet the panelists

Tricia Hoy
Managing Editor
On Point: The Restaurant Technology Blog

Conversations with restaurant operators and technology experts on news, tips, and best practices for the blog have shaped a passion for the industry that is evident in her lively and insightful interviews.

Sean Crocker
Corporate Account Manager
Speedline Solutions

Restaurant systems pro Sean Crocker helps pizza and delivery restaurant operators design and implement new technology systems. He consults daily with multi-unit pizza and delivery operators and franchise owners on strategies and solutions to reduce costs, improve results, and expand their businesses.

Shelly Whitehead
Editor of PizzaMarketplace.com and QSRweb.com
Networld Media Group

Award-winning veteran print and broadcast journalist, Shelly Whitehead, has spent most of the last 30 years reporting for TV and newspapers, including the former Kentucky and Cincinnati Post and a number of network news affiliates nationally. She brings her cumulative experience as a multimedia storyteller and video producer to the web-based pages of Pizzamarketplace.com and QSRweb.com after a lifelong “love affair” with reporting the stories behind the businesses that make our world go ‘round.

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