Webinar - Competing with the Refrigerator: Understanding the Millennial Decline in Dining Out

Webinar - Competing with the Refrigerator: Understanding the Millennial Decline in Dining OutPublication Type:

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Sept. 2, 2014
Insights into Millennials at mealtime
With a size that dwarfs the Baby Boomers, and spending power approaching $600 billion annually, Millennials are a force to be reckoned with.
The stat that has restaurant marketers shaking in their boots: Millennials are choosing to dine out 20 percent less than they did in 2007.
Knowledge is power, and the key to turning the tide may lie in understanding how Millennials decide what and where to eat.
Join us to discover:
  • how Millennials form their dining decisions
  • what you can do to drive trial
  • how to encourage long-term brand loyalty among Millennial customers

Webinar Details

Dan Santy
President & CEO
Santy Integrated

Dan's understanding of millennial motivations, media tendencies and the marketplace has lead to intelligent strategies for an impressive roster of restaurant and multi-unit dining clients.

Adam Pierno
Director of Brand Strategy and Planning
Santy Integrated

Adam unearths millennial insights at the convergence of media, technology and the marketplace. These insights lead to positive and revenue enhancing change for dining clients.

James Bickers
Senior Editor
Networld Media Group

James Bickers is the senior editor of Retail Customer Experience. He has written about technology and related issues for 20 years, for a wide range of national and international publications.

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