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[WEBINAR] How to create loyal guest behavior

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Aug. 30, 2016
Loyal customers have the power to revive stagnant brands and help industry leaders remain competitive, which is particularly important in an uncertain economic climate. Imagine if you had the power to create loyal customers who choose you first, visit often, talk about you and spend more.
Restaurant chains across the country are continuing to build and execute loyalty programs that provide immediate and sustainable results.
In this webinar, restaurant operators will learn how to:
  • Create highly valuable, long-lived guest relationships with loyalty programs
  • Leverage loyalty programs to reduce financial risks
  • Appease demanding stakeholders
  • Attract, retain and engage fickle guests

Meet the panelists

James Park
Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh

James specializes in transforming restaurants by humanizing the intangibles and developing programs that are meaningful and resonate with guests. His experiences as a restaurant operator and developer taught him the significant difference between “building businesses,” versus simply “building sales. He served as the vice president of operations for Which Wich Superior Sandwiches before moving on to position of vice president of marketing and R&D, and eventually taking over the CEO role at Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh.

Matt d’Arbeloff

Matt d’Arbeloff co-found Paytronix in 2001 and today serves as the company’s head of operations. Matt and the Paytronix team manage more than 300 of the most innovative brands in the restaurant industry and have helped companies like Garbanzo achieve tremendous growth by transforming their guest engagement.

Travis Wagoner
Editor of Digital Signage Today
(former Editor of PizzaMarketplace.com and QSRweb.com)
Networld Media Group

Travis Wagoner is editor of QSRWeb.com and PizzaMarketplace.com. He spent nearly 18 years in education as an alumni relations and communications director, coordinating numerous annual events and writing, editing and producing a quarterly, 72-plus-page magazine.

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