Guide to Blending Employee Training with Daily Operations by Utilizing Modern, Mobile Learning

Guide to Blending Employee Training with Daily Operations by Utilizing Modern, Mobile LearningPublication Type:

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Every student has said it. They expressed their frustration to their parents, a friend, or even the classroom teacher. The wording may have varied, but the meaning was the same: Some subjects simply can not be effectively taught in a traditional classroom. And they were right. Not everything can be learned well from behind a desk. Sometimes the most effectual way to retain information is to be more actively engaged. This is especially true in job training in the retail and restaurant industries. It is for this reason that many businesses in these industries have chosen to embrace mobile learning. 

Mobile learning is just an expansion of eLearning. It is further modernizing the successful idea that younger generations of professionals learn best from more engaging content that is delivered to them through the platforms that they have already embraced. eLearning allowed individuals to be trained through a computer screen, and now mobile learning is allowing them to be trained anywhere and at anytime through any screen.

This guide will outline:

  • How mobility allows for blending training & daily operations
  • The benefits of modern, mobile learning
  • Who is using mobile training
  • The latest trends in mobile learning


PlayerLync is modern learning software that integrates mobility, digital forms, content distribution, and daily performance management into a single solution that helps restaurants deliver exceptional customer experiences. Deskless workers can communicate with one another and immediately access valuable information at the point of need.

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