Bag in Box: Tips for Extending the Shelf Life of Cooking Oils

Bag in Box: Tips for Extending the Shelf Life of Cooking OilsPublication Type:
White Paper

Published / Updated:
Sept. 5, 2017

The best chefs know that the quality of your cooking bases make a major impact on the final product. Air, heat, light and age affect the quality and shelf life of edible oils, which deteriorate through oxidation (rancidity). The oxidation process is enhanced when oil containers are not airtight or are placed in areas where the product is exposed to light and heat.

The Bag in Box oil container solution in combination with the highest quality, non-GMO cooking oils offer premium cooking bases that are easy to dispense, mess-resistant and easily preserved.

Contact us to learn more about oil preservation or to explore our selection premium oils for your custom dressings and sauces or for cooking and frying bases.

Catania Oils

Catania Oils is a leading provider of conventional, Non-GMO Project verified and organic oils to the ingredients, foodservice and retail markets. Our product portfolio consists of variety of different vegetable oils, olive oils and blended oils. 

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