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Achieving Marketing Success: A Local Franchise Marketing Plan Handbook

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Case Study

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Jan. 24, 2017

Your franchisees’ success is dependent on their ability to successfully market to and engage their local customers. This handbook will help you and your franchisees create a strong and rewarding local marketing strategy.

Your franchisees undoubtedly have their hands full running the day to day operations of their businesses, so expecting them to be experts at market analysis, creating and executing unique marketing plans, and then measuring Marketing Return On Investment (MROI), without the proper tools, is not feasible.


FranConnect provides franchise management software to more than 600 brands and 110,00 franchisees. Only FranConnect comes with Franchising Built-In™ – exclusive functionality and best practices for the entire franchise lifecycle – so franchisors can more effectively manage, track, and run their business.

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