Panera Bread recalls cream cheese after positive listeria result

Panera Bread has recalled all two- and eight-ounce cream cheese products sold in its U.S. locations after it found samples of one variety of two-ounce cream cheese with listeria monocytogenes, according to a press release. The popular national chain said...

Chipotle customers report illness after eating at LA unit

Public health officials in Los Angeles are investigating a possible illness tied to a Chipotle restaurant at 4550 W. Pico Blvd., in Los Angeles, according to a report from Business Insider. It said it received an email from the Los...

Chipotle exec: 'No link found between Chipotle and actor's hospitalization'

Although Broadway actor Jeremy Jordan said Thursday that he was hospitalized and "almost died" after eating Chipotle, Chris Arnold, the chain's director of communication, told FastCasual that there were no links to support Jordan's claim. "I, as you can see,...

Chipotle scores 'A' on policy regarding animal antibiotic use

Chipotle Mexican Grill has earned an A grade in the Chain Reaction III Report and Scorecard, a ranking of the country's largest fast food and fast casual restaurant companies based on their policies for antibiotic use in farm animals. Chipotle...

Illinois food allergy training regulations to take effect Jan. 1

On Friday, the state of Illinois officially added food allergy training requirements to the state's food handling regulations, according to a news release from the Colorado-based training company, MenuTrinfo, whose leadership has been closely watching the progress of the legislation....

One dead, 140 sickened in US by papayas from Mexican farm

One person is dead and 140 others have been reported infected with strains of Salmonella traced to papayas imported from Mexico to the U.S., according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A related news release from food...

Gluten-free trend strong with 625 new products in 2 months

The gluten-free product and service certification concern Gluten Intolerance Group has put its official stamp of approval on at least 625 products in North America this summer, which the organization said it sees as a good indicator of the strength...

Impossible Burger takes on NYT

Impossible Burger takes on NYT

The company behind the Impossible Burger — the meatless burger boasting it tastes and bleeds like real meat — is on a mission to "correct all the inaccuracies out there resulting" from a New York Times article published this week....

Chipotle class action suits allege brand misled public, investors about food safety measures

Chipotle class action suits allege brand misled public, investors about food safety measures

One class action suit was filed, another is waiting for class certification and a third is in the wings, all alleging that Chipotle and its leadership led food safety officials, investors and the public at large to believe its food safety initiatives were adequate when they were not.

Chipotle mess gets worse: First sick diners, now fraud investigation

Chipotle mess gets worse: First sick diners, now fraud investigation

A New York litigation firm announced this morning that it has opened an investigation into allegations that Chipotle leadership engaged in securities fraud or related illegal business actions.

Chipotle stock plummets on news of Virginia norovirus outbreak

Chipotle stock plummets on news of Virginia norovirus outbreak

One of the worst things that could occur to any restaurant, but especially the food poisoning-plagued Chipotle chain, has happened at a Sterling, Virginia, Chipotle store. The company has confirmed that numerous customers apparently have developed symptoms of norovirus, which...

Long Range Systems partners with VeriSolutions to improve restaurant operations

Long Range Systems, a global provider of on-site guest paging, tracking and restaurant intelligence tools, has announced a strategic partnership with VeriSolutions, a provider of restaurant automation, temperature monitoring solutions and more, to improve restaurants' operational efficiency. "LRS and VeriSolutions...

Rubio's Coastal Grill axes artificial flavoring, food coloring from menu

Rubio's Coastal Grill has removed artificial flavors and food coloring from its core menu. These changes are part of its "Made With a Mission" slogan, according to an announcement. Rubio's is currently working to reduce sodium in all of its...

Operators and vendors join forces to set supply chain best practices

Foodservice supply chain company, HAVI, has joined with the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association, food industry consultants at Kinetic12 and research company, Datassential to help develop what a news release said will be the first set of supply chain best practices...

Fazoli's ditching artificial ingredients

The menu at Fazoli's will be free of all artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives and colors by June 19. With 220 units, Fazoli's is the first national brand under 1,000 units and the third restaurant overall — behind Panera Bread and...

In-N-Out, Mellow Mushroom, Chipotle top list of allergy-friendly chains

In-N-Out, Mellow Mushroom, Chipotle top list of allergy-friendly chains

The food allergy site, AllergyEats, has dubbed its Top 10 shining star restaurants when it comes to giving customers with food intolerances what they want and need. The Top 10 list is solely focused on how well a chain "accommodated...

[WEBINAR] Food safety, human error and the digital age

[WEBINAR] Food safety, human error and the digital age

It's true. The number of foodborne illnesses has grown in recent years.

[LIVE WEBINAR] Food safety, human error and the digital age

[LIVE WEBINAR] Food safety, human error and the digital age

Mistakes are inevitable in any endeavor, but with all the players and products involved in a typical food service operation, they are almost sure to occur. That's a scary thought when you consider that — at least in some cases involving food safety issues — there are not only whole brands at stake, but most importantly, human life.

Panera's menu goes 100% clean

Panera Bread announced today that its entire US food menu and portfolio of Panera at Home products are now free from flavors, preservatives, sweeteners and colors from artificial sources as defined by the company's No No List. It includes 96...

Chipotle installs 'breakthrough' food-safety tech in all stores

The heavily brand-damaged Chipotle said today it's installing breakthrough technology in its 2,200 stores that will literally take pathogen sources out of the air, off surfaces and out of ice before any food comes into contact with any of those...

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