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WAND’s Digital Restaurant Menu Boards and software provide an all-in-one, simple-to-use, industry-leading solution that enables companies to enhance and streamline in-store marketing across all stores. Our restaurant signage improves the customer experience and drives increased sales and profitability.

Easily introduce new menu items and promotions

As any of our satisfied customers could tell you, the greatest benefit of WAND’s Digital Restaurant Menu Boards is the ability to quickly launch new menu items and promotions across all locations, regions, or individual stores. Using our Digital Menu Technology platform, operators can upload assets, create menus, and publish them live within minutes. It’s that easy. You also have access to advanced dayparting options to ensure you’re automatically promoting the right menu items at the right time of day.

See what’s playing at each of your restaurants any time

WAND’s electronic restaurant menu boards offer the only way to know what menu items and promotions are being displayed at your restaurants at all times. With the Digital Menu Technology platform, you can easily view campaigns at a concept level, franchisee level, or store level. Our software enables you to view what menus are live and which promotions are scheduled at each store. Best of all, if you want to change it, you can do so instantly. You have total control to display the menu items you want, ensuring complete brand consistency and uniformity across all stores.

Engage your customers

With successful marketing strategies, the key is to engage your customers across all media, including when they visit your restaurants. Digital Menu Technology helps you extend your brand messaging into the store and interact with customers in exciting ways. A subtle movement or well-timed promotional takeover can draw customers’ attention to the most highly profitable areas of the menu. WAND’s Digital Restaurant Menu Boards use motion graphics, animations, and HTML5. These allow you to easily repurpose content from other media channels to digital.

Give franchisees more control

Restaurant franchisees are responsible for generating profit and staying financially solvent in a highly competitive market. WAND’s Digital Menu Technology helps restaurant franchisees better compete by providing more control over menus. With our Digital Restaurant Menu Boards, franchisees can easily change menu prices as needed to manage their business. For a franchisee with tight margins, the ability to increase a menu price by as little as a nickel during a rush period can mean a nice boost in daily profits.

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