Scala Digital Signage Content Management Software

As a critical component of an Omni-Channel marketing strategy, digital signage is most effective when messaging is optimized. The combination of powerful algorithms and our versatile digital signage content management system creates an efficient, cost-effective solution previously not available in the digital signage domain.

By incorporating Scala iS into your digital signage technology, you can…

  • Automatically adjust messaging to reflect customer habits and trends based on pricing and weather changes, environmental factors, time of day, day of the week and season of the year
  • Maximize profits or reduce inventory by understanding what is likely to happen next, according to your specific business goals and objectives
  • Highlight the messages that really reflect what potential buyers want or need to see along with what you want to accomplish
  • Use the automated system learning feedback mechanism to optimize your messages and maximize sales
  • Automatically tweak the message as the audience and environment changes, especially if you also employ instant audience measurement technology

Adaptive learning algorithms digest data originating from many different sources (point-of-sale data, location-marked and time-stamped digital signage playlist schedules, conventional marketing calendars, and any other available data such as customer loyalty card information, customer in-store dwell times, de-identified gender and age-group detection, or even external information like weather or gas prices) to find patterns and establish relationships between the different factors. These patterns and relationships are then used to determine the most effective digital signage message for any given location and time slot.

Contact a Scala Retail Specialist to learn how this "crystal ball" can reveal a bright future for your business.

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