Welcome to HughesON, the next-generation standard for distributed enterprise networks delivered by Hughes. HughesON is a comprehensive set of managed network solutions designed to solve complex challenges and deliver big results for restaurants large and small. HughesON enables Fast Casual customers to rapidly scale their operations with a full portfolio of managed solutions.

The Well-Run Restaurant Customers Demand.

Hughes Managed Network Solutions delivers the security, performance, and capacity you need to connect all of your restaurant locations, fully leverage the cloud, and handle all of the back-office functions to run your franchise efficiently. Through ActiveQoS, a Hughes WAN optimization technology, broadband connections are now able to provide enterprise grade performance! The result is faster Wi-Fi and wide-area networking in a single, highly secure, managed solution at an affordable price point. For the Fast Casual restaurant, that means your network will be powerful enough to support emerging restaurant trends, such as using real-time analytics to gain insights into diner preferences and habits; or using technology to reduce the time it takes to get great food into the hands of your guests!

Mobility, Productivity and Meals

Simply deploying Wi-Fi applications over broadband connections can hobble critical business traffic, such as POS transactions and VoIP calls, during periods of network congestion. HughesON Wi-Fi Solutions intelligently manages the network so restaurants may effectively combine Guest Wi-Fi and enterprise networking into a single, highly secure solution that provides end-to-end priority for business applications and a great Wi-Fi experience for diners and employees alike. That means, guests waiting for a table can surf the Web while diners post meal pictures on social media, all without impacting the productivity of staff using the network to send orders to the kitchen, deliver great food and even better service to diners.

Engage, Interact and Inform

For Fast Casual restaurants, digital menu boards and signage are key to engaging customers, providing flexible on-the-spot meal coupons, and promoting specials. With HughesON Digital Media Solutions, you can enhance your customer’s experience with dynamic rich media that promotes your franchise, provides instant menu or ordering information, and integrates social media or custom apps for even greater interactivity. And HughesON Digital Media Solutions can also be used to continuously train and inform staff (e.g., describe latest LTOs, share customer service strategies, or communicate brand requirements.)

Products and Services

Digital Menu Boards

Whether you are a quick service restaurant, a convenience store, and auto repair shop, a bank, or virtually any service-oriented business, you must always be enhancing your offering to maintain your competitive edge. But how can you do that? By going digital. Hughes’ Digital Menu Boards are flexible, and can be updated in real-time to meet specific business or promotional objectives. Learn more »

HughesON Managed VPN

Meeting your business objectives hinges on your ability to maximize network availability, security and overall performance – and to do so at a reasonable price. HughesON Managed VPN delivers on all accounts. Learn more »

HughesON Distance Learning

Hughes’ Distance Learning provides a hosted web solution that delivers employee communication and training in one easy-to-use, easy-to-setup service. The solution is deployed via the cloud, and delivers SCORM compliant training, videos and compliance examinations from one interface. Learn more »

HughesON Managed WiFi

Wi-Fi has created a new environment for restaurant operations – from the way diners share experiences on social media to the way orders are placed. HughesON Managed Wi-Fi is powerful enough to support all of these emerging trends. Learn more »

HughesON Voice

Hughes offers the industry's first managed Voice-over-IP (VoIP) solution that provides toll-quality voice communications over affordable, best-efforts broadband networks. Hughes ActiveQoS™ solves traditional VoIP performance problems, ensuring that latency-sensitive voice calls get through with minimal packet loss and jitter, no matter what data traffic may be congesting the network. Learn more »

Dining Room TV

Hughes Dining Room TV is designed to make the time people wait and or eat in your restaurant more enjoyable by providing live entertainment, social media feeds, and vivid imagery. Additionally, the solution can serve as a compelling training solution for your employees. Learn more »

Hughes HS850 Media Signage Player

The Hughes HS850 is an advanced, cost-effective, Windows-based, wireless-enabled digital media player designed to provide HD video and image playback to a single screen. Offering full 1080p HD playback, the HS850 is capable of storing 6–8 hours of HD video. Learn more »
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