HotSchedules is a suite of cloud-based, POS-integrated applications that provide powerful workforce management and back-office, cloud platform solutions and services ideal for restaurant, retail and hospitality businesses.

With over 1.5 million users, HotSchedules’ flagship online employee scheduling, communication and forecasting software is designed for businesses with as few as five employees all the way up to multi-store, enterprise-level and franchise organizations.

With HotSchedules, managers are able to quickly and easily create schedules and push them out to employees - in some cases reducing creation time by 75 percent. Employees can request to swap or release a shift online or through the mobile app with a manager’s approval. Communicating to the entire staff is simple using broadcast messaging or through email and text alerts.

Advanced reporting capabilities provide key insights into sales, labor and overtime, helping managers generate schedules that align with company budgets. The HotSchedules mobile app also helps managers stay up-to-date on employee availabilities, time-off requests, certifications and the daily roster.

Additional HotSchedules modules include an Above Store Console, Affordable Care Advisor, Activity-Based Forecasting, Digital Logbook, Floor Maps and Meal Period Planning.

Products and Services

Clarifi Labor

Built with general and multi-unit managers in mind, Clarifi Labor helps managers forecast labor needs, simplify scheduling, and drive operational excellence. Ensure you schedule the right people at the right time to optimize productivity, maximize revenue-generating opportunities, and reduce labor costs by as much as two percent. Learn more »

Clarifi Inventory

Clarifi Inventory is a modern, easy-to-use inventory management solution that helps managers and their teams move seamlessly through their shifts with guided workflows and real-time insights – eliminating waste and maximizing revenue opportunities. Learn more »

Clarifi Financials & Cash

Track the movement of financials & cash and uncover opportunities to generate revenue and cut costs. Learn more »

Clarifi Foundation

Clarifi Foundation marries business rules, internal and external data, flexible reporting capabilities and intelligent workflows to help managers productively plan for the expected and adapt to the unexpected. Learn more »
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