Performance View from Fiserv produces daily core dashboards that provide a visual and intuitive overview of key performance metrics on the Web. The user-friendly drag and drop interface allows business users to create ad hoc reports to address your ever-changing environment. Performance View provides users with access and flexibility to their data without requiring technical expertise or external resources. The power of information is put into the hands of your subject matter experts to get the data they need, when they need it, the way they want to see it.

Key Benefits: 

  • Enterprise wide visibility into key performance metrics and costs drivers
  • Customer reports and dashboards
  • Automatically run, distribute, and access reports via web or mobile
  • Monitor cash operations and vendor performance with full audit and control
  • Single reporting database for custom reporting, analytics, and integration to internal or external systems

Products and Services

CorPoint – Cash Management Solution

CorPoint is a flexible, independent cash management and remote cash capture (smart safe) solution to automate cash handling, reduce risks, and increase profitability for retailers. Learn more »

CorPoint: Hardware – Smart Safes

CorPoint: Hardware provides industry leading smart safe devices with multiple configuration options to meet different store needs, streamline cash operations, and maximize store profitability. Learn more »

CorPoint: Deposit Manager – Deposit Intelligence

CorPoint: Deposit Manager is an advanced, integrated solution that streamlines the cash deposit process. It improves deposit controls, maximizes the benefits of smart safe devices, and leverages armored carrier relationships.  Learn more »

CorPoint: Order Manager – Change Order Portal

CorPoint: Order Manager automates cash ordering to increase efficiency, accountability and control while reducing risk. It enables retailers to order cash via a merchant-branded web portal, mobile smart phone or automated telephone system. Learn more »

CorPoint: Remote Manager – Remote Safe Configuration

CorPoint: Remote Manager supports the central administration and access for users to update common smart safe configuration settings remotely, eliminating the need to visit each site for standard configuration updates.  Learn more »
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