With CorPoint: Order Manager, merchants of any size can take advantage of simplified cash management services without disrupting their banking and armored car provider relationships. Order Manager can be configured to automatically verify credit limits and balances with your bank prior to cash shipments, forecast order amounts, post debit entries to your account, track deposits and electronically pass order details to cash vault operations and third-party transportation providers for fulfillment and delivery. Best of all, you can access Order Manager around the clock to check order statuses, pull order history and obtain reconciliation data.

Key Benefits:

  • Convenient web-based, mobile, and automated telephone cash orders
  • Order and deposit history available 24/7 through a web portal
  • Reduced risk through credit-limit and balance checks
  • Centralized view of order and deposit activity across different locations
  • Enhanced notifications and communications between customers, your bank and armored carriers
  • Flexible approval workflows to enforce controls at the location or corporate level

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Products and Services

CorPoint – Cash Management Solution

CorPoint is a flexible, independent cash management and remote cash capture (smart safe) solution to automate cash handling, reduce risks, and increase profitability for retailers. Learn more »

CorPoint: Hardware – Smart Safes

CorPoint: Hardware provides industry leading smart safe devices with multiple configuration options to meet different store needs, streamline cash operations, and maximize store profitability. Learn more »

CorPoint: Deposit Manager – Deposit Intelligence

CorPoint: Deposit Manager is an advanced, integrated solution that streamlines the cash deposit process. It improves deposit controls, maximizes the benefits of smart safe devices, and leverages armored carrier relationships.  Learn more »

CorPoint: Remote Manager – Remote Safe Configuration

CorPoint: Remote Manager supports the central administration and access for users to update common smart safe configuration settings remotely, eliminating the need to visit each site for standard configuration updates.  Learn more »

Performance View – Reporting and Analytics

Performance View is a web-based business intelligence reporting suite enabling comprehensive data analytics and reporting for your enterprise supply chain. Learn more »
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