Acrelec America, formerly HyperActive Technologies, is a leading digital transformation company that provides restaurant and retail brands with software, hardware and services to reimagine the customer experience for the digital age. Our self-order kiosks, digital displays, drive-thru and click-and-collect solutions help create a “phygital” world that blends physical and digital technology to increase customer engagement. Our cloud-based digital platform will streamline business processes, increase in-store revenue and lower operating costs. Acrelec America is a part of the Acrelec Group, the French-based world leader that pioneered digital kiosks in QSRs and gained prominence developing digital commerce platforms for the world’s largest retail brands.

Products and Services

Acrelec QTimer®

Acrelec QTimer is the industry’s leading service timer, providing real-time actionable performance information that enables operators to adapt to changing customer patterns and improve the guests' experience.  Learn more »

Acrelec Curbside: convenient mobile and curbside ordering and pick-up

Curbside service can provide your customers who prefer to order through a mobile application, online website or even by phone an easy way to retrieve their order. Learn more »

“Acrelec Anywhere” Customer Locator

Tell your dine-in customers “we’ll deliver your meal”; they’ll appreciate the opportunity to take a seat and wait comfortably while their meals are being prepared. Learn more »

Acrelec Accuracy: Order Prep Assistant with Voice Recognition

Put the Acrelec Accuracy seal of approval on order fulfillment by providing your team with an advanced solution that combines the efficiency of voice recognition with an interactive order prep display. Learn more »

Acrelec Order Ready Displays

Say goodbye to that inefficient process of calling out order numbers; taking time away from your counter staff and confusing your customers. Our digital Order Ready Displays alert customers when their order has arrived at the counter.  Learn more »
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Acrelec - formerly Hyperactive Technologies

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Acrelec - formerly Hyperactive Technologies