Litehouse Inc. is an international food manufacturer of dressings, dips and sauces looking to provide products made with higher quality ingredients, fresher taste, and deliver ‘on trend’ innovative flavor profiles.

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Why Food Transparency Sells

Today’s consumers are demanding information about the foods they eat, and operators can benefit by meeting those demands.

[WEBINAR] Show-n-Tell: Why Food Transparency Sells Now

In this webinar, the Litehouse team discusses and explores the evolving food transparency trend and how you can clean up your menu. Download now!

Live webinar shows operators how to help diners 'see right through you' in the transparency age

Today's diners will not settle for anything akin to "mystery meat" or other food that smacks of artificial ingredients. They expect simplified ingredients and transparency when it comes to what they are eating. But delivering that is not as easy...

Blaze Pizza takes top honors at Fast Casual Top 100 gala

The annual Fast Casual Top 100 Movers & Shakers recognizes brands leading the pack when it comes to growth and innovation.

[FREE WEBINAR] Food Transparency and Simplified Ingredient Lists: Trends and Tips for Understanding the 'Clean' Eating Movement

The demand for a pared down ingredient list for restaurant menus is being influenced by millennials and Generation Z, who crave authenticity and transparency. These generations of consumers will continue to drive consumption growth in the areas of fresh ingredients...

[WEBINAR] Food transparency and simplified ingredient lists: Trends and tips for understanding the "clean" eating movement

Natural ingredients/minimally processed food is one of the top culinary trends in 2015 and 2016.The demand for a pared down ingredient list is being influenced by millennials and Generation Z, who crave authenticity and transparency.

Webinar: How restaurants can meet consumers' demands for clean eating

Customers are seeking out restaurants that offer natural ingredients and minimally processed food, according to the NRA's annual foodservice forecast, which means restaurants that don't offer those options are losing sales to competitors that can meet need.. Does that mean,...

Simplified ingredient lists: A trend at the point of no return

Natural ingredients and minimally processed foods are one of the top five culinary trends for 2015 and 2016. Major brands across segments have responded by simplifying their menus with cleaner, fresher ingredient lists.

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