Jennifer Yugo, Ph.D.

Jennifer Yugo, Ph.D. As Corvirtus Chief Scientist, Jennifer creates science-based solutions for performance, fit, and retention to support restaurant growth. Her expertise in I-O Psychology ensures Corvirtus hiring and culture-building solutions lead industry best practices.

Latest: How to generate enthusiasm for your hiring process
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Jake Cohen

Jake Cohen Jake Cohen is the chief operating officer of Privy, a company that enables restaurant brands to track online offers and campaigns to in-store sales in a way that collects email addresses, builds profiles of customers and requires no integration with ...

Latest: The CMO's paradox

Bill Jones

Bill Jones

Bill Jones joined Orderly as CEO in 2016. In his 32-year career in software, Bill has extensive experience in executive, product and marketing leadership roles with start-ups and large software companies. Bill holds a BA in Economics from the University ...

Latest: Why most restaurant tech sucks
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Tracy Aiello Henderson

Tracy Aiello Henderson Tracy Aiello Henderson knows the bottom-line impact of a finely tuned awareness campaign -- she’s been telling her clients’ stories to the media for nearly 15 years. She’s worked across many industries, but her real love is developing PR campaigns ...

Latest: Stop that tweet! Millennials just like everyone else
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Doug Bannister

Doug Bannister Doug is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Omnivex Corporation. Doug founded Omnivex after 7 successful years in the LED sign software business to take advantage of the newer screen technologies. Recognizing the potential for a revolutionary signage ...

Latest: Intelligent digital communications changing the world: Are you ready for it?
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S.A. Whitehead

S.A. Whitehead

Award-winning veteran print and broadcast journalist, Shelly Whitehead, has spent most of the last 30 years reporting for TV and newspapers, including the former Kentucky and Cincinnati Post and a number of network news affiliates nationally. She brings her cumulative ...

Latest: Why assuming Gen Zers are younger versions of millennials will cost you

Janet Eden-Harris

Janet Eden-Harris Janet Eden-Harris is the CMO and SVP of Strategy for Market Force Information. She joined Market Force from J.D. Power and Associates, where she was VP of its Web Intelligence unit.

Latest: Listen, learn and leverage
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Lon Southerland

Lon Southerland Lon Southerland is EVP of GuestMetrics, LLC. Since 2010 GuestMetrics analytics tools have helped restaurant and hotels build stronger brands and drive revenue. GuestMetrics collects check-level data from the Point-of-Sales (POS) systems of over 17,000 restaurants, bars & hotels made ...

Latest: Still need to fill some summer employee spots? Look for candidates with camp counselor qualities

Jennifer Wiebe

Jennifer Wiebe Jennifer Wiebe manages marketing for leading pizza and delivery point of sale developer SpeedLine Solutions Inc. She is also editor in chief and a regular contributor to On Point: The Restaurant Technology Blog.

Latest: 3 steps to make third-party ordering work for your restaurant
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Seshu Madabushi

Seshu Madabushi A serial entrepreneur with a focus on restaurant marketing, working on the latest venture mKonnekt. mKonnekt is a platform that mines customer data to create personalized and unique dining experiences.

Latest: Snow, sweets and Super Bowl: February is a marketer's dream
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Darrel Suderman

Darrel Suderman Darrel Suderman, Ph.D., is president of Food Technical Consulting and founder of Food Innovation Institute. He has held senior R&D/QA leadership positions at KFC, Boston Market, Church's Chicken and Quiznos and led KFC’s development team of “Popcorn Chicken”, now a ...

Latest: Bigger isn't always better: the case for limited menus
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Jackie Berg

Jackie Berg

Jackie Berg is the Director of Marketing of Olo. Since 2005, Olo has helped restaurant brands increase revenue per square foot through faster, more accurate, and more personal service with digital ordering.

Latest: 5 questions for diners making the digital switch
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Josh Anish

Josh Anish Josh is the head of content at Quantifind, where he uses its platform to share top data insights in the QSR space.

Latest: French fry favoritism alive and well in US fast food race
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Nic Gray

Nic Gray Nic Gray is the CEO of HyprLoco and a former member of the US Army who shares tactical expertise on how to leverage innovative technology to make mobile ordering more efficient. Before joining the Army, Nic managed, opened, and sold ...

Latest: Making mobile ordering your friend
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Nate DaPore

Nate DaPore Nate DaPore, PeopleMatter President and Chief Executive Officer As the spirited leader of PeopleMatter, Nate is passionate about providing team members, including his own, with a rewarding workplace experience that values creativity and innovation.

Latest: People don’t just leave bad managers...They also leave bad schedules
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Chris Luo

Chris Luo Chris Luo is the VP of Marketing at FiveStars, a loyalty automation platform for small and medium businesses. Previously, he was Head of Global SMB Marketing at Facebook, where he built the global team responsible for SMB adoption of Facebook ...

Latest: 8 ways to keep your VIPs happy
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Matt MacInnis

Matt MacInnis

Matt is the Founder and CEO of Inkling. His vision for the future of how people communicate drives Inkling’s strategy, product development and culture. He leads Inkling to make the world a smarter place. Prior to founding Inkling, Matt spent ...

Latest: When hiring: Don't forget grandma and grandpa
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Paul Mcginnis

Paul Mcginnis Paul McGinnis is the VP of Marketing for Ecolab's Food Safety Specialties division (formerly Daydots). He is an author and a speaker, and currently serves as editor-in-chief of Food Safety Solutions magazine.

Latest: Gloves! The Controversy Continues - Part 3

Katy Jones

Katy Jones

Latest: Achieving chain transparency, farm-to-table in fast casual
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Brad Marg

Brad Marg At Clutch, Brad Marg serves as Chief Operating Officer, overseeing operations, client delivery and marketing for the business. His primary focus is on delivering outstanding experiences for clients and customers across retail, apparel, hospitality, and other select industries.

Latest: 3 steps to "wow-ing" customers with your loyalty program

Bob Leonard

Bob Leonard Bob Leonard is CEO and Managing Partner of iMobile3, whose product, PassMarket, powers branded mobile storefront applications. These mobile storefronts help restaurants to acquire and retain loyal customers through branded rewards programs.

Latest: Having a loyalty app will help increase your bottom line
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D. B. "Libby" Libhart

D. B. "Libby" Libhart D.B. “Libby” Libhart has more than 30 years of experience in the loss prevention industry. He has provided security and safety leadership in retail settings such as department stores, drug stores and quick-service restaurants. Before launching his own company, LossBusters, ...

Latest: The goings on after you leave for the day
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Steve Starr

Steve Starr With decades of experience in the industry, Steve Starr has become a nationally-recognized leader in restaurant and retail design. While his insight and expertise spans the hospitality industry, his focus is on branding, consumer behavior and the development process. Steve ...

Latest: Fast casuals, not fine-dining brands, leading restaurant segment in design innovation
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Erle Dardick

Erle Dardick Erle Dardick is a 15-year catering veteran, business turn-around expert and author, and is best known for helping multi-unit restaurant executives create successful catering revenue channels. Erle founded MonkeyMedia Software to provide catering solutions to multi-unit restaurant operators. He also ...

Latest: 6 ways to build a catering sales culture inside your restaurant
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Will Hernandez

Will Hernandez

Will Hernandez has 14 years of experience ranging from newspapers to wire services and trade publications. Before becoming Editor of, he spent two years as the content manager for, a leading payments industry news aggregator and information hub ...

Latest: 6 things from the 2018 Mobile CX Summit
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Joseph Grove, Contributing Writer

Joseph Grove, Contributing Writer

Joseph Grove publishes, a blog about the advancement of animal welfare issues. His writing has received multiple awards from the Society of Professional Journalists. The former executive editor of Networld Media Group is based in Louisville, Kentucky and Milwaukee, ...

Latest: How embracing humane animal practices enhances profits
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Lori Walderich

Lori Walderich Lori Walderich is chief creative officer at IdeaStudio, a chain restaurant marketing and promotions firm. Her company helps restaurant clients align their branding and implement strategic marketing plans to achieve consistent, sustainable growth.

Latest: The brand you live is the only one they'll love
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Jess Taylor

Jess Taylor Jess Taylor is the CEO of Blue Rocket that offers custom mobile application consulting services from mobile app conception through development and testing and store launch for Apple iOS and Android platforms.

Latest: How mobile apps help restaurants drive profits
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Barry Klein

Barry Klein Barry Klein is best known for creating the Ronald McDonald character and led the "You Deserve A Break Today" advertising campaign for McDonald's. In his current occupation as a marketing consultant, Klein has developed business-building concepts, new products and more ...

Latest: Food advertising protests endanger TV for kids

Jitendra Gupta

Jitendra Gupta Jitendra Gupta is a Co-Founder and Head of Product at Punchh, a mobile engagement and actionable insights platform that includes branded mobile apps for campaigns, games, loyalty, online ordering, payments, referrals, reviews, gift cards, surveys, and integrates with social networks ...

Latest: Apple Pay to lead the way in customer loyalty
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Dustin Minton

Dustin Minton Dustin co-leads BDO's Restaurant Practice, and serves as an advisor to restaurant companies across the U.S. His clients include many of the nation's fastest growing and most well-respected brands.

Latest: Restaurant industry's Q1 end in 'some wins, some losses'

Christopher Hall

Christopher Hall

Christopher is the managing director of the Interactive Customer Experience Association and former editor of A longtime freelance writer and reporter, he's bringing a fresh perspective and critical take on the industry.

Latest: 10 reasons to attend the 2017 ICX Summit
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Niall Keane

Niall Keane Niall Keane, CEO of SynergySuite Restaurant Management Software, has over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry. His clients include top restaurant companies and many of the nation's fastest growing and well-respected brands.

Latest: Top 3 ways to track inventory costs
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Jon Sooy

Jon Sooy Jon Sooy is VP of Sales and Marketing at Golden Pacific Systems. Dedicated to driving savings with next generation supply chain management solutions, Golden Pacific is revolutionizing the way multi-unit concepts do business.

Latest: The path toward world domination (Part 1)
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Melissa Abbott

Melissa Abbott Melissa Abbott, Hartman Group’s Director of Culinary Insights, dishes up the latest in food culture and its impact on the food industry. Hartman Group is a leading consumer culture consultancy and primary research firm utilizing a multidisciplinary approach to understand ...

Latest: Millennials' brand preferences shift due to household structures
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Suzy Badaracco

Suzy Badaracco Suzy Badaracco is a toxicologist, chef, and registered dietitian. She holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Criminalistics, an Associates degree in Culinary Arts, and a Masters of Science degree in Human Nutrition.

Latest: Consumers say one thing, do another when it comes to healthy choices
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Vic Mahadevan

Vic Mahadevan Vic Mahadevan is CEO of Punchh, a mobile CRM suite that includes branded mobile apps for campaigns, games, loyalty, online ordering, payments, referrals, reviews, gift cards, surveys, and integrates with social networks and operators’ POS systems to gather 360° customer ...

Latest: Customers demand targeted, relevant marketing messages

Greg Mista

Greg Mista Over the past 8 years Greg has successfully completed complex international web projects across multiple industries. As chief marketing officer, he currently concentrates on mobile first design approach and is a part of - a mobile website builder used ...

Latest: Mobile websites made easy – tips and tricks for restaurant operators
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Henry Helgeson

Henry Helgeson Henry Helgeson is the CEO and founder of Cayan. He is responsible for driving its future vision and leading day-to-day operations. With decades of experience in the industry, Henry is a recognized expert on the future of retail and payments.

Latest: Why the future of marketing lies in mobile payments
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Betsy Craig

Betsy Craig Betsy Craig brings 20 years of food service industry experience to MenuTrinfo, LLC a menu nutritional labeling Company. Her commitment to the betterment of the food industry and her desire to affect the dining public are the driving forces behind ...

Latest: How food allergen programs increase customer loyalty
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Don Fox

Don Fox Don Fox has 30+ years experience in the restaurant industry. He joined Firehouse Subs in 2003 as director of Franchise Compliance, and was promoted to the position of CEO in 2009.

Latest: Start spreading the beverage news

Noah Glass

Noah Glass Noah Glass is the Founder & CEO of Olo. Since 2005, Olo has helped restaurant brands increase revenue per square foot through faster, more accurate, and more personal service with digital ordering.

Latest: Cloud POS vs. digital ordering engine: Everything you need to know
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Brad Cyprus

Brad Cyprus Bradley K. Cyprus has more than 20 years experience in the security industry. He manages the development of in-house solutions to validate compliance, and he is a resource that Vendor Safe customers can rely upon to help interpret the PCI ...

Latest: PCI 3.0 – A wake-up call for SAQ C merchants
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Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is a Technology Editor for and His background is in information technology, advertising, and writing.

Latest: 3 key digital signage lessons for restaurants
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Eli Portnoy

Eli Portnoy Eli Portnoy is CEO of Sense360, a business-intelligence firm that analyzes over 150 million consumer trips a month and over 6 million QSR visits.

Latest: The 'munchies' effect: How cannabis legalization will effect QSR traffic
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Jeff Hastings

Jeff Hastings BrightSign CEO Jeff Hastings joined BrightSign in August 2009 while it was still a division of Roku Inc. In late 2010 with digital signage activities growing so rapidly, BrightSign became a separate firm. The holder of eight U.S. patents, he ...

Latest: Are kiosks the next step for restaurant-based digital signage?

Vishy Visweswaran

Vishy  Visweswaran Vishy is the Chief Technology Officer at SCA Technologies. In this role, he leads the development and delivery of SCA’s proprietary technologies for supply chain cost management, category sourcing, and optimization. Vishy has over 16 years of experience helping restaurants ...

Latest: 6 ways to make your restaurant more sustainable without cutting profits

Mike Tinz

Mike Tinz Mike Tinz is Vice President of Sales and Training at Money Mailer and has over 20 years of experience within the direct marketing industry. Money Mailer is a leader in the U.S. direct marketing industry, has been certified as a ...

Latest: Three ways to get maximum power out of direct mail
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Ed Zimmerman

Ed Zimmerman Ed Zimmerman is a pizza industry veteran and President of The Food Connector. His almost four decades of foodservice experience includes food manufacturing and distribution leadership, food industry technology, marketing services and restaurant and grocery operations management.

Latest: Small businesses don’t 'like' the new Facebook
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Harold Kestenbaum

Harold Kestenbaum Harold L. Kestenbaum is an attorney who has specialized in franchise law and other matters relating to franchising since 1977. He is a partner with the national law firm, Gordon & Rees, LLP and is engaged exclusively in the practice ...

Latest: The next steps of a soon-to-franchise restaurant company

Alex Membrillo

Alex Membrillo Alex Membrillo is the CEO of Cardinal Web Solutions, an award winning digital strategy agency based in Atlanta, GA. His innovative approach to digital marketing has transformed the industry and delivered remarkable results to clients of all sizes and markets. ...

Latest: 5 great ways paid social ads can equal more restaurant reviews
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Digital Signage Today

Digital Signage Today

Latest: Digital signage in fast casual: building a better customer experience
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Elliot Maras

Elliot Maras

Elliot Maras is the editor of and

Latest: Are you prepared for the self-service era?

Rick Casmass

Rick Casmass Rick has spent more than 25 years serving the restaurant industry, both as a service provider and participant. Currently, Rick is vice president of sales for Valiant’s Restaurant division, where he leads a team of sales consultants who perform risk ...

Latest: Lawyers see another way to get a restaurant reservation
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Kent Barkouras

Kent Barkouras Kent Barkouras / Kent Barkouras is a 30-year veteran in the restaurant industry and pioneered the first web-to-print marketing portal that supported the needs of market leaders in Fast Casual, QSR, Casual and Family dining. Kent believes that partnering with ...

Latest: Why fast casual's customer experience isn't so casual

Greg Swistak

Greg Swistak Greg Swistak is the president of Ikoniq, a provider of custom carts, kiosks and repurposed shipping containers.

Latest: Good, better, best: Counter tops
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Dave Bennett

Dave Bennett With prior experience with Dunkin’ Brands and IBM Global Services, Dave Bennett has led Mirus through its formative years and its current growth phase. Dave holds a B.S. in Business Administration and MBA from Northeastern University.

Latest: How to get the most out of your loyalty program

Jason Hamilton

Jason Hamilton Jason Hamilton serves as Snagajob’s vice president of product and marketing. In this role, he is responsible for creating products that instantly connect workers and employers. He also leads Snagajob's marketing strategies – from customer acquisition and retention to marketplace ...

Latest: Top 3 things to know about hourly hiring in 2015

Chris Gilder

Chris Gilder

Chris Gilder, CEO and founder of Meridian Kiosks, brings more than 20 years of entrepreneurial successes to the senior management team. Meridian has been recognized as a leader in the self-service kiosk industry and an innovator with the development of ...

Latest: Self-order kiosks gain fans among restaurants, consumers

Marla Topliff

Marla Topliff Marla Topliff, president of Rosati’s Pizza, has helped grow the Chicago franchise from 60 stores in 1999 to the 170 national brand that it is today. She supervises all aspects of marketing, customer service, store communications and vendor relationships.

Latest: New Year's resolution: Start the year with a great plan for your business
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Andrew Gazdecki

Andrew Gazdecki Andrew Gazdecki is the CEO of Bizness Apps — creating powerful mobile solutions suited for local businesses with over 500,000 customers worldwide. He has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal,, Entrepreneur Magazine, TechCrunch, Mashable, VentureBeat, ...

Latest: 5 ways to get your customers to download your app
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Murad Alnasur

Murad Alnasur Mr. Alnasur is a veteran of the F&B industry. Prior to arriving in the GCC region, and for over 32 years, he operated international brands in the US. He is currently serving as the COO of FranchiseME and Managing Director ...

Latest: Is our own discrimination responsible for the UAE's lack of talent? (part 4)
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Art Julian

Art Julian Founder and CEO of Custom Business Solutions, Art Julian started in the restaurant business selling cash registers, and helped reimagine the use of technology to create a networked, cloud-based tablet point-of-sale system called NorthStar Order Entry.

Latest: When is it time to upgrade your POS?
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Juan Martinez

Juan Martinez PhD, PE, FCSI is a 33 year foodservice industry veteran. Juan is Principal and Co-Founder of PROFITALITY®, an Industrial Engineering Consulting Firm that helps foodservice brands improve their “unit economics” to support healthier brand growth. Profitality’s consultants experience span to ...

Latest: Why the fast casual bubble isn't really bursting
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Bobby Shaw

Bobby Shaw Bobby has over 30 years in the restaurant business in all facets of operations, from his start at McDonald's in the grill area in 1984 to overseeing 200+ restaurants with Chipotle from 2002-2012 to leading Freebirds World Burrito's resurgence from ...

Latest: How to lead when you inherit your team
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Jeff Fromm

Jeff Fromm Jeff is executive vice president at Barkley, an advertising agency in Kansas City, Missouri. He is also the lead editor of and a co-author of Marketing to Millennials: Reach the Largest and Most Influential Generation of Consumers Ever.

Latest: Uncovering 4 secret ingredients of 'the modern brand'
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Rob Connelly

Rob Connelly Rob Connelly is the President for Henny Penny, the leader in high quality foodservice equipment designed for easier operation, greater flexibility and lower operating costs. For more information on the company, visit

Latest: Three organizational challenges that hinder innovation (and the solutions to resolve them)
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Duessa Holscher

Duessa Holscher I’ve been passionate about pizza technology since my start in 1994. Since then I’ve worked in marketing and development for several pizza tech firms, founded FireFly Technologies, and now work as Marketing Director at Granbury Restaurant Solutions.

Latest: Restaurant loyalty programs pay off in surprising ways
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John Krebs

John Krebs John Krebs is a dynamic, seasoned executive with experience in building and growing multi-million-dollar organizations through strategic visioning, expert leadership, and strong operational expertise. Krebs has helped hundreds of foodservice organizations achieve a focus on exceptional results by using his ...

Latest: 4 ways to control your food costs in 2016
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Daniel Waldron

Daniel Waldron Daniel is the Head of Content for award-winning, outdoor digital signage enclosure manufacturer, Armagard. Daniel blogs frequently on digital signage, while overseeing the complete content marketing mix and social media feeds for Armagard.

Latest: Digital menu boards: Overhyped or beneficial?
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Cherryh Cansler

Cherryh Cansler

Before joining Networld Media Group as director of Editorial, where she oversees Networld Media Group's nine B2B publications, Cherryh Cansler served as Content Specialist at Barkley ad agency in Kansas City. Throughout her 17-year career as a journalist, she's written ...

Latest: Jersey Mike's, Chipotle among powerhouse brands discussing innovative training methods
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Amanda Richardson

Amanda Richardson As SVP of Product and Marketing, Amanda manages product development of Snagajob's business solutions making it easier for hourly employers to source, hire, manage and train workers. She is also responsible for business development efforts. Oh, and she loves brunch.

Latest: A hiring road map: tips to navigate key trends in the hourly landscape
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Sagi Rochman

Sagi Rochman For over two decades, Sagi Rochman experienced first-hand the challenges faced by hospitality operators as he owned, scaled, and sold businesses in the space. He has since taken that knowledge and used it to build Better Chains, the hospitality workforce ...

Latest: Automation doesn't have to be a dirty word in foodservice - Part 1 of 3
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Stephen Dutton

Stephen Dutton

As a Consumer Foodservice Analyst at Euromonitor, Stephen Dutton analyses the global foodservice industry, providing insight on key trends and markets, competitive landscape and growth opportunities to help companies make informed business decisions.

Latest: Uncovering top 3 growth trends in foodservice
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Nate Riggs

Nate Riggs Nate Riggs is the president of NR Media Group, a firm specialized in content marketing and new media programs for mid-sized and large companies that have included Bob Evans Restaurants, Donatos Pizza, and many others. He also produces the Social ...

Latest: Healthy Dining VP offers tips for restaurants wanting to improve menu options
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Bryan Pearson

Bryan Pearson Bryan Pearson is President and CEO of LoyaltyOne Inc. and the author of the best-selling book The Loyalty Leap: Turning Customer Information into Customer Intimacy.

Latest: Starbucks loyalty change brews anger, filters out value of experience

Jon Smith

Jon Smith Jon Smith is Owner and Founder of Jon Smith Subs, a regional chain of sub shops in South Florida. Jon's mission is his total commitment to serving the absolute highest quality food prepared in store every day. He's maintained that ...

Latest: Why you should never listen to your customers

Tal Nathanel

Tal Nathanel Tal Zvi Nathanel is the cofounder and U.S. CEO of MyCheck. Founded in 2011, MyCheck transforms guest experiences through faster checkout, increased loyalty and customer engagement and provides hospitality brands with the tools, data and analytics needed to better understand ...

Latest: Why mobile payments matter to EMV compliance
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Doug Sutton

Doug Sutton

Doug Sutton is the President of Steritech, leader in food safety and service excellence assessments for a range of industries, including hospitality, restaurants, grocery and convenience stores. Through benchmarking a client's performance against its peers, correlating assessment scores to voice-of-customer ...

Latest: Launching LTOs? Make sure to follow these 3 rules to ensure food safety
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Scott Sharon

Scott Sharon Vertigo Group USA president Scott Sharon has decades of experience in the sign and menu board industry, and nearly another decade in digital signage. He's a longtime proponent of, and innovator in, expanding the deployment of digital menu boards in ...

Latest: Restaurant digital signage is heating up
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Amanda McNamara

Amanda McNamara

An experienced digital marketer and veteran of the server life, Amanda whips up easy to digest tidbits for Toast’s Restaurant Management Blog and beyond.

Latest: Is there a ghost in your kitchen?
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Elizabeth Friend

Elizabeth Friend Elizabeth Friend is the Consumer Foodservice Strategy Analyst at Euromonitor International. She helps restaurant operators and suppliers better understand the global dining-out landscape, publishing strategy briefings, reports, and other ad-hoc analysis.

Latest: The 3 Cs of restaurant growth revealed
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