Webinar: Think you can grow your restaurant sales using only financial metrics? Think again.

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June 23, 2011

Financial numbers tell you what you’ve done. But to drive future same store sales growth, you need to know how each of your stores is operating, and what your customers experience.

Jerry Calabrese, former VP of Global Restaurant Measurement at McDonald’s, comes out of retirement to share what he has learned over his career about what makes good restaurants great. And he should know. He helped drive some of the very changes in McDonald’s that led to its dramatic turnaround over the past ten years.

In this webinar, Jerry will share his insights on what he has learned about combining multiple data streams in order to pinpoint what actions each restaurant needs to take to drive the biggest increase in sales.

This presentation will include a discussion of:

  • What metrics you need
  • The role technology plays
  • Getting buy-in
  • Benefits for the area supervisor and franchisee
  • Revenue uplift you can achieve

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