Webinar: How much is your brand reputation worth? The cost of PCI compliance

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May 17, 2012

PCI is about more than having the necessary hardware for compliance, it's about ensuring your network across all channels of your payment options. And the more time you spend setting up your network up now, the more you can take advantage of the new technologies emerging in the marketplace.

The cost of not having a PCI-compliant system can become a financial drain on restaurateurs in a variety of ways. Operators who do not have a PCI-compliant system can be fined stiff penalties by the credit card companies.

Additionally, if a data breach occurs, brand identities and consumer confidence are both at risk. How much is your brand reputation worth? And are you willing to lose your business because your system was not protected from hackers?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Insights into what PCI compliance actually is
  • The financial cost of PCI vs. the actual cost of a data
  • How to determine the vulnerabilities in your operation
  • How it can protect your brand identity
  • How to build a PCI compliant network that prepares your restaurant for future technology trends (i.e. mobility and Cloud initiatives)

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