Webinar: Food Safety is a Winnable War: Strategies for Risk Mitigation

May 24, 2012

Food Safety is described as a “Winnable Battle” by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Foodborne diseases affect tens of millions of people and kill thousands in the US each year. They also cause billions of dollars in healthcare-related and industry costs annually.

Two critical interventions in mitigating the risk of foodborne illness are maintaining a clean and sanitary environment, as well as practicing hand hygiene routinely to break the chain of illness. In addition, an ongoing training program will assist the foodservice operator in reducing staff turnover, mitigating the risk of foodborne illness, and also improving restaurant sanitation.

In this webinar, restaurant operators will learn:

  • How to translate Foodborne Illness into a Winnable Battle within their establishment
  • The impact of Foodborne Illness in the US
  • The fundamentals of a risk mitigation system for eliminating Foodborne Illness
  • The Importance of a hard wired training program in reducing Foodborne Illness

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