Webinar: Customer Experience Management

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May 21, 2010

Online customer reviews, POS surveys and call center feedback contain some of the richest yet unused insights on why guests stay loyal and why they never return. As restaurant operators wake up to how the voice of the customer can identify opportunities in product quality, customer service and cleanliness, the need to collect and analyze this content has become mission critical.

Take the initiative and join customer experience experts Karen Hidalgo and Carl Elsinger as they discuss:

• Best practices on implementing a customer experience
  management process.
• Approaches to automating and centralizing the view of
  your customer from a corporate,regional and store
• What consumers think about restaurant quality, service
  and cleanliness from an analysis run on 50,000
  restaurant reviews.

Want to know why your customers are driving the extra distance to your restaurant, or more importantly why they aren’t?

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