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Three Benefits of Integrating Mobile Payments Acceptance with the POS

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White Paper

Published / Updated:
March 29, 2012

With mobile POS systems, a restaurant operator can replace the wired POS or supplement it with lower-cost handheld devices. Tabletop or handheld mobile POS systems can improve nearly every aspect of service, from shortening wait times to increasing security for credit card processing. This white paper, sponsored by leapfrogpos.com, will explore the benefits of an integrated mobile POS solution, including:

  • Increased sales lift
  • Lower cost and fees
  • Improved customer experience

Leapfrog POS

What makes leapfrogpos.com unique is its ability to fully integrate all aspects of your business. It easily scales from a single store to multiple -- from a single business to complex multi-unit environments with multiple owners and franchisees.

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