Self-service makes crowded counter lines a thing of the past

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Aug. 5, 2009

Case Study

Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace, a grocery chain focused on produce and specialty products and services, wanted to give deli customers faster, more efficient service.“We were looking for a way to use this technology for delis in an effort to speed up the order fulfillment process,” said Ryan McWhirter, IT manager for Nino Salvaggio.

Nino’s turned its eyes to NEXTEP SYSTEMS, a Michigan provider of automated-ordering solutions, to design a kiosk that could meet their specific needs.NEXTEP delivered the Deli Express, a kiosk that allows customers to order deli meats and cheeses from a touchscreen kiosk when they enter the store. Customers continue with their shopping and pick up their deli orders about 10 minutes later. Deli Express eliminates waiting at the deli counter, saving customers’ time and reducing congestion. Customers also have the option of receiving text messages on their mobile phones when orders are ready.

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Topics: Customer Service / Experience , On-site Customer Management / Paging , Restaurant Design / Layout , Sandwich , Self Service


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