Reducing Credit Card Fraud: Three Steps for Successful EMV Implementation

Dec. 13, 2012

White Paper

A high percentage of consumers own debit and credit cards, making them vulnerable to credit card fraud. However, technology is available to combat this fraud. It's an embedded chip technology called EMV — the Europay, Master Card, Visa standard — and it's coming to the United States soon. MasterCard wants mechants to be EMV compliant by 2013, and by 2015, Visa will require all U.S. point-of-sale transactions to be compliant.

This white paper, sponsored by National Service Center, discusses how to succesfully implement EMV, including:

  • How to upgrade consumer-facing POS devices
  • How to choose the proper software
  • How to choose a service provider

Topics: Credit/Cashless , Customer Service / Experience , PCI Compliance

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