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April 16, 2012

Case Study

The Tilted Kilt was facing enormous challenges with scheduling employees using spreadsheets, particularly because of the number of employees per location (>100) and because they allow weekly requests off and availability for the convenience of their staff. This case study shows how HotSchedules became the perfect solution.

HotSchedules integrated with the Tilted Kilt's Aloha POS system allows them to take full advantage of the sales and labor forecasting tools, as well as actual overtime alerts and punctuality controls. They also utilize the Digital Logbook for precise, time-bound record keeping.

Key Points:

  • 1%-1.5% reduction in labor costs from the first month.
  • 75% reduction in time to create schedules.
  • Now able to proactively and accurately forecast sales and labor.

Topics: Communications , Human Resources , Online / Mobile / Social , Online Services , Operations Management , Staffing & Training , Workforce Management

Companies: HotSchedules

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