Making a Mint

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April 16, 2012

Case Study

HotSchedules Workforce solution, integrated with the Squirrel POS system, along with the HotSchedules Digital Logbook helps greatly reduce labor costs, streamline the scheduling process and provide for seamless communications at all levels of the Mint Julep organization.

The Mint Julep locations' labor management processes were quite manual, using spreadsheets for the schedule and in-store bulletin boards to get the word out. True sales and labor forecasts and historical trending reports were non-existent, and most managers based their scheduling on intuition more than anything else. As a consequence, more experienced managers tended to do a better job than the newer ones, but all were completing the laborious and time-consuming chore with blinders on.

Read this case study from HotSchedules to see how Mint Julep Restaurant Management Group streamlined their labor management processes to contribute to their continued success.

Key Points:

  • 4.1% reduction in labor costs, with sales increase of 15.58% at one location.
  • The same location cut 1980 labor hours including 753 hours in overtime.
  • At another location, cut 936 total labor hours, including more than 108 hours in overtime.

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