Internet Marketing and the Social Media (Slides)

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Sept. 23, 2009


Industry leaders provide vital information regarding the use of the Internet and Social Media to aid in business growth.

Boris Bugarski, Murgent

Bugarski provides valuable ideas for different media to use through the Internet and E-mail. Learn how to best utilize local listing benefits.

Paul Barron, Fast Casual
Barron shares details regarding case studies of companies who are busy building the social capitol. Learn statistics of why your company should be pressing forward in the use of social media, and how to get started doing so.

John Pepper, Boloco
Explore the uniqueness of this Fresh Mex chain and what makes Boloco different in the industry. Information is shared on how customer feedback is beneficial for company evaluation through social media tools.

Topics: Communications , Fresh Mex , Marketing , Marketing / Branding / Promotion , Trends / Statistics

Companies: Fast Casual Executive Summit

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