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HotSchedules? Roger That!

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Case Study

Published / Updated:
Oct. 11, 2012

Roger Brown's and The Cove Tavern were looking for a solution to cut down on time spent scheduling hourly employees, managing requests, documenting shift notes, communicating with and hiring employees.

Using HotSchedules helped with the typical scheduling and labor management challenges. Even better, Roger Brown's and The Cove Tavern were able to use GoHire, a new product of HotSchedules. This helped to increase hiring costs and efficiency. Now, HotSchedules provides a solution to help from the very beginning. This case study shows how HotSchedules became the perfect solution.

Key Points:

  • Average labor savings of 1.7% were documented.
  • GoHire reduced hiring costs per employee.
  • Thousands of dollars were saved as a result of GoHire finding tax credit opportunities.


HotSchedules is passionate about the fast-moving, high-energy restaurant culture and partnering to help you manage it better. Our intuitive, web-based scheduling, labor management, forecasting, and hiring (coming soon!) solutions deliver fast, proven ROI by reducing labor costs, improving communications and maximizing productivity.

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