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Adding Customer-Facing Touchpoints with Kiosks

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Case Study

Published / Updated:
Jan. 19, 2012

Boloco, a fast-growing chain of restaurants, wanted to keep lines moving and ordering efficient. At the same time, Boloco wanted to keep its emphasis on guest service, without having to exponentially increase staff. NEXTEP SYSTEMS offered a solution. This case study, sponsored by NEXTEP SYSTEMS, highlights the benefits of using kiosks to enhance the customer experience, including:

• Freeing staff to focus on customer service enhancements
• Allowing guests to easily customize existing menu items
• Processing payments and accepting loyalty cards


The Foodservice Technology Company offers integrated cloud-based solutions designed to drive revenue. Featuring integrated POS, Self Order Kiosks, Online/Mobile Ordering and Digital Signage, NEXTEP is THE next generation solution for Fast Casual and QSR.

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